Rich Gaasenbeek (IXACT Contact) and Travis Saxton (T3 Sixty) Share ‘A Better Way’ at Inman Connect

In a 30-minute joint session at Inman Connect yesterday (Jan 26th), CRO& Co-Founder of IXACT Contact, Rich Gaasenbeek and SVP of T3 Sixty, Travis Saxton, delivered a presentation titled ‘Less Than 1% of All Online Leads Close – There Is a Better Way’.


Travis introduced attendees to the concept of Agent Personas, and how the challenges, requirements, and technology needs of each are very different.  Travis also walked attendees through the ‘Lead Gen Math’ that results in the startling conclusion that only 1 in 153 online leads actually closes, significantly less than 1%!


Rich discussed how many brokerages focus on providing lead gen tools and technology that help the 14% of agents who fall in the Prospector or Converter personas, but ignore the needs of the 86% of their agents who fall in the Networker and Marketer personas.  Rich then outlined a better approach, and a three-step approach brokers can use to address the problem.


The presentation concluded with a brief overview of IXACT Contact, a real estate CRM designed specifically for the Networker and Marketer agent personas, and a summary of key takeaways.


For a link to a recording of the session, or for copies of the slide deck, email