Setting You Up For Social Media Success

Did you know that 65% of home buyers say they are influenced by a friend’s homebuying posts on Facebook or Instagram?

Social media has a huge impact on our day-to-day lives both personally and professionally. As a marketing tool, social media gives you a simple outlet for promoting your brand and your business. 

80/20 Rule

The use of the 80/20 Rule can be a way to leverage your social media: 80% of your social media posts should inform, educate and entertain while only 20% should directly promote your business. 

There are so many engaging things you can post on your channels. For instance, promoting listings or open houses, industry news, local involvement, or highlighting local businesses and partners. You can offer home improvement tips and even silly (but appropriate) memes! 

When creating posts, something you can ask yourself is “What do people want to know about me and my business?” Try to provide strong content that your followers can relate to. Remember, you want to always drive traffic to your lead capturing websites or providing a call to action.

Scheduling Posts

We recommend creating a social media calendar for each month with an action plan of your posts. Using a social media posting tool like Hootsuite or Sprout Social is a way to keep your posts organized and automated.

Reference page 6 of this Social Media 101 guide to see some of the best and worst times to schedule your posts across different social media platforms. 

Use a CRM to Build and Nurture Your Network

Using a CRM can help you stay connected with all your contacts. Following up with your new lead base, your prospects who have become your top clients and even your past clients. 

With IXACT Contact you can easily manage your buyers, listings, and closings, set up targeted drip emails and nurture campaigns, and build brand awareness and engagement through relevant social media postings. Up your CRM game today!

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