3 Things You Can Outsource to Your CRM


In a single day, real estate agents divide their attention between so many diverse business needs – it’s common to drop the ball in one area. Neglecting lead generation, falling behind on client and prospect follow-up, or having no time to stay in touch with past clients – it’s impossible to do it all. Even […]

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How to Integrate Digital Reminders into Your Business

Post it papers flying out from laptop

For real estate agents, staying organized doesn’t just mean keeping your appointments and being on time. Being organized is all about efficiency, and the more efficient you are, the more productive your business is, resulting in value add time that is more likely to lead to sales. While our entire world is now digitized, many […]

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How a Real Estate CRM Can Keep You Organized

Busy Person Attaching Many Sticky Notes On Large Window

There’s a lot of positive psychology behind the idea of remaining organized. Staying organized is difficult because of all the clutter we accumulate, and there is never enough time to methodically sort everything into a coherent manner. In the world of real estate, organization is essential; where misplaced documentation, files, or dates can have a […]

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Growing Your Database

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Your database is your Personal GoldMine. Managing this list daily will always generate a large percent of your business. People that know, like, and trust you already want to do business with you. Consequently, it makes sense to grow your IXACT Contact database on an ongoing basis – consider them your People Farm. Here’s 6 […]

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5 Real Estate Sales Mistakes Slowing You Down

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As a real estate agent you know that your success depends on your reputation and your ability to attract and maintain clients. You don’t want to be the agent that buyers or sellers regret working with, and you don’t want to miss opportunities to make sales. Whether you’re a rookie or a pro, real estate […]

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How to Master Email Marketing

Side view of laptop with e-mail icons. Communication concept

Knowing how and where to invest your marketing budget for the greatest return isn’t an easy decision to make. You need to attract new clients, keep in touch with your current ones and nurture your leads – all while building your brand and growing your business. Email marketing is one of the best investments a […]

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