How Social Stream Doubles Your Social Media Lead Generation

Social Stream

In just one minute on any given day, Facebook users like posts 4.1 million times, Instagram gets 2.1 million likes, 300 hours of video are uploaded and 347,000 tweets are being sent. That is a ridiculous amount of content being pushed out everyday! With this rapid pace we keep forging ahead with, it’s not uncommon for a social media audience to take on the “what have you published for me lately” persona.

One of the best ways to get more real estate leads from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other high-powered social media sites is to provide high-value content. That involves posting helpful articles and videos you find in top publications.

The problem is, finding great content can be incredibly time-consuming and expensive. And with the onslaught of tasks that build up on the daily as a real estate agent, is it even possible to carve out new blocks of time to curate top tier content that your audience will find valuable?

Now there’s a solution to that marketing barrier.

Introducing Social Stream: Automated Content Curation for Real Estate Sales Professionals

The last thing you want is to post shoddy content from content mills and other less-than-reputable sources. With Social Stream, you never have to run that risk. That’s because you get an automated stream of high quality and exclusive content from many of the world’s most admired, tier one publications – many of whom charge a fee to access their content.

With Social Stream, you get the rights to these publications that aren’t gated. This is by far the most informative, entertaining and high-interest real estate content on the web.

Here’s How Social Stream Works

Social Stream is an add-on to IXACT Contact that completely automates the process of finding and streaming high quality content to your social media sites, enabling you to reap the benefits of a more active, engaging social media presence – without any work on your part!

Agents can customize the series of topics they want to focus on while breaking down the specific publications they want content to pull from. As well as the frequency to how often content will be pushed live to their social channels.

No article makes it into the software without having someone behind the scenes vetting these articles – so while it’s fully automated, there are humans that power the engine behind the content.

Social Stream Allows You to Own the Branded Experience

The Achilles’ heel of content curation is that links usually go to the publication’s website-not yours. That means your audience is clicking away from your information. They may also be seeing ads promoting your competition!

Social Stream solves this problem.

When prospects read the article, or view the video, they do so while seeing your brand, name, picture and contact information. That’s a constant reminder that the content they’re enjoying is coming courtesy of you – so it’s a controlled experience within the framework of your branding.

As a result, your social media accounts come alive. You get more views, likes, comments and shares. More importantly – you get more leads, plus the backing of a world-class real estate CRM to harness and nurture these leads automatically.

With Social Stream, you simply:

  1. Log into your Social Stream
  2. Select the subject matter for exclusive articles and videos from top-tier publications.
  3. Select how often you want the content posted.

Social Stream does the rest–automatically. It’s a truly “set it and forget it” function, so you can sleep well knowing that there is a consistent pulse pumping quality content to your audience, and you can better spend that time focusing on closing the new leads you’re generating because of it.

Social Stream always keeps you top-of-mind with your audience.

The Result: more high-quality and well-nurtured leads.

Social Stream can also capture leads directly into your IXACT Contact CRM database via an optional or mandatory lead capture form that can be activated on your very own branded landing page.

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If you hired an assistant to find and post content for you, you’d pay hundreds of dollars each month – Social Stream costs just $20 per month.

Combined with your IXACT Contact subscription, Social Stream rapidly transforms your social media accounts into brand-building, lead-generating machines.

Social Stream is available for FREE today for 30 days! Once you’ve registered for an IXACT Contact account, simply click the ‘Activate Your Social Stream Account’ on your User Profile page. Or call our Customer Support Team at 1.866.265.6990 and they’ll be happy to get you started.