Top 5 Greatest Real Estate Closing Gift Ideas

Just because the transaction has ended, doesn’t mean that the relationship is over and it’s always a great touch to commemorate accomplishing the final goal with a gift. It never has to be something expensive, but a meaningful gift can go a long way in solidifying a healthy working relationship going forward – and to keep you top of mind when someone is looking for a referral or to make another splash in the market.

If you’re challenged in the creative gift-giving department, we’re here to help you with a list of the best real estate closing gift ideas. It’s quite an emotional journey that both parties take part in, so with that being said, here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a gift for your real estate client after the deal has gone through.

  1. Personalized Home Items  

Whenever someone moves homes, it’s natural to rid their family inventory of older and unused items, making way for new household appliances for a fresh start. Take note of your clients’ likes and dislikes so come closing time, you’ll know just what to give them – and what gaps they need filling with new items. This could be a top of the line coffee pot, a French Press; a new knife set or personalized wine glasses or bottles. Track these golden tidbits in your real estate CRM in real time so you don’t miss them when they come through.

  1. A Commissioned Art Piece

Inman provided a really creative idea on helping your clients keep a piece of their former home, by commissioning a painting or pencil sketch by a local artist or even getting a professionally designed photo album designed. It goes without saying, but we all have huge emotional attachments to homes with life long memories developed there, and what better way to remember that (and remember you) than to have this thoughtful gift done!

  1. A Charitable Donation

Many people already have a lot of “stuff” and usually aren’t looking to add to their pile. Why not request a charity of their choosing and make a donation on their behalf? Or if you already have involvement within your community, you could suggest making a donation there.

  1. Spa Day or a Round of Golf   

This doesn’t necessarily have to be spa or golf specific, (although they are top notch ideas) but the point to reiterate here is that you have listened to your clients well enough to understand what they like. It also takes a bit of investigative work on your end to peel back the layers of their interests and learn about their passions and hobbies. So using the spa and golf as an example, if you noticed one or both of them mentioning about having a membership to a course or trying to work on their short game, then maybe look to connect them with passes for a lesson, or a free round, or a certificate to GolfTown. The thoughtfulness comes from truly listening – and reading between the lines.

  1. Treat Them To Dinner

Once talking shop is all done and the ink is dry on the deal – it’s time to celebrate. Sharing dinner with someone is a unique and intimate moment that isn’t promised to just anybody. It’s a way to celebrate the time working together and helps cement the opportunity to work together in the future. You could take it a step further and invite them to your place for dinner to host – it’s a great personal touch!

Remember that the best gifts are from the heart. Not every one of these suggestions will suit every client you have, so if you’re looking for further inspiration, check out our list of 22 closing gifts you can give clients.

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