Things Always Even Out

cropped26Amazing but True… when things aren’t going your way do you ever think that “the gods have conspired against me”? Ever wonder when two or three disappointing things happen in a row that “I feel ‘ snake bit’ or maybe I’m just unlucky”?

The fact is, in the long haul – things always even out. When you have a streak of misfortune, you can expect an equally exciting streak of good fortune in the very near future. Here is a real life example of things evening out:

February 1, 2015 – it’s Super Bowl XLIX time! The Seattle Seahawks were defending their title against their archrivals, the New England Patriots. It was a see-saw battle in the first half. Seattle was struggling but got a few breaks and they went into halftime tied with New England. The score was 14-14.

In the third quarter the Seahawks got hot, scored 10 points and went ahead 24 – 14. Now everything was going their way.

In the fourth quarter Hall of Fame bound quarterback Tom Brady marched his Patriots down the field twice throwing his 3rd and 4th touchdown passes of the game to take the lead 28 – 24. The game appeared over… with only two minutes to go Seattle was up against it. They had to score a touchdown because a field goal wouldn’t be enough. With one minute to go, quarterback Russell Wilson was at the end of his rope… he elected to throw a long pass toward the sidelines around the New England 10 yard line.

The pass was knocked away by rookie defender Malcolm Butler and then the improbable happened…as the receiver fell down, the ball bounced off his arm, off his leg, and back onto his stomach completing the pass. Receiver Jermaine Kearse caught the pass lying on his back!

You had to watch the replay about four times to realize all the good fortune that came his way (plus his skill) to make that catch. With only 30 seconds left in the game, Seattle was now on the 5 yard line with a first down – ready to pounce. One play later they were at the 1 yard line with 20 seconds to go. The Seahawks were poised for victory. Then the improbable happened for a second time in less than 60 seconds!

On the very next play, rather than running the ball in from the 1 yard line Seahawks quarterback Wilson threw a short pass to a receiver crossing in front of the New England defenders. The very same  defensive back, Malcolm Butler cut in front of the intended receiver and intercepted the ball for New England!!! Game over. (Remember, Butler was the same guy who had the bad luck a few seconds earlier when his opponent made that incredible catch) Turnabout is fair play. New England snatched victory from defeat. Just 18 seconds later the Patriots were crowned the Super Bowl XLIX Champions.

Was this bad luck? Was it good luck? – it doesn’t matter. The message is clear… THINGS ALWAYS EVEN OUT. So the next  time you feel things are not going your way be prepared for things do change in the near future.

That’s why it’s so important to maintain a solid routine and keep doing the right things all the time. Be consistent. That way you’re not relying on luck… you’re relying on you and you’re always in control. Here are the 5 most important items that must be built into your routine on a daily basis:

1. Lead generation and follow-up

2. Keep in touch with past clients

3. Showing property

4. Listing property

5. Negotiating offers

CONCLUSION: These 5 items should occupy 80% of your time… they are the most important parts of your routine. They are the moneymakers. Because things always even out, when you’re doing the right things 80% of the time then your results will reflect that. Many of my Coaching Clients use IXACT Contact to stay on top of the items #1 & #4 in the above list. Check out how they can help you if you’re not already doing so.

Be vigilant about staying on track. The down side of things evening out is that if you do not maintain a solid routine, your results will also reflect that inconsistency. Keep the odds in your favor. Keep these 5 things front and centre and make sure they show up every day in your schedule. Make sure that “things always even out” the way you want them to. NO Excuses.

“What’s one thing you need to change to strengthen your routine?”

Bruce Keith is a leading motivational speaker and trainer, specializing in real estate sales. He has been a top Coach, helping thousands of Salespeople for over 15 years. Check out his Coaching Programs and his new membership program, the “Real Estate Insiders Club”.