Real Estate CRM: Top 6 Features to Look For

Top real estate CRM feature: a monthly e-NewsletterIn this blog post, I’m going to discuss the top six features to look for in a real estate CRM. Note that IXACT Contact includes all of the features discussed in this post. These capabilities are vital to building a successful referrals and repeat business.

1. Listing and Closing Activity Plans

Listing and closing Activity Plans help you ensure nothing falls through the cracks in the process of listing or closing a home. Simply assign a listing or closing Activity Plan to a property and your real estate CRM will remind you via email on the appropriate dates to do those all-important activities.  A good CRM will come with a variety of excellent listing and closing Activity Plans and will give you the option to customize them or build your own plans from scratch.

2. Marketing Activity Plans

Marketing Activity Plans are essential and powerful tools for keeping in contact with hot real estate leads and past clients. A marketing Activity Plan can be composed of emails that get sent out automatically at set time intervals (drip marketing), letters that you mail out at set time intervals, or a mix of emails and letters. Good marketing Activity Plans will also include “to do’s” and phone calls.

A great CRM will have these plans designed for you for different contact types, such as for-sale-by-owner leads, buyer leads, seller leads, and past clients. You no longer have to be a marketing expert to be an effective marketer and increase your referrals and repeat business!

3. A Monthly Real Estate Newsletter

A monthly real estate newsletter or e-Newsletter helps you stay in contact with your real estate sphere of influence (SOI), position yourself as a home expert, get people to pick up the phone and call you, and build stronger, deeper relationships. No wonder Agents across the country pay for a real estate CRM, email marketing software, and a monthly newsletter service. A good CRM will come with a professionally designed and written monthly e-Newsletter that’s complete and ready to send.

4. A Transaction Management/ Active Business Module

You’ll want to manage your real estate database and transactions in one place. That’s why it’s important for your real estate CRM to have robust transaction management features, such as the ability to run service reports, track commissions and key dates, manage showings and third-parties, and store documents.

5. Automated Website Lead Capture

Automated Website Lead Capture lets you save time and respond to real estate leads the moment they contact you. Take a look at this blog post to understand just how important fast response time is when it comes to lead conversion. Automated Website Lead Capture technology gives you the ability to automatically pull in leads from your website and then immediately assign them to a customized drip marketing program based on their specific needs.

6. Email Campaign Reporting

Email Campaign Reporting is a feature that helps you to identify the hot leads in your real estate database and improve your email marketing to get people more engaged and interested in what you’re sending out. After a mass email has been sent, you can view who opened your email, clicked on the links, and forwarded it on to others. How cool is that!?

If you’ve been wondering what features to look for in a real estate CRM, we hope that this blog post was helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below!

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