10 Reasons Why Real Estate Professionals Should Be on Google+

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Google+ continues to establish itself as one of the top social media platforms, especially in the world of real estate. In fact, according to Forbes magazine, Google+ is the second largest social network with 343 million active users. While you may be saturated with social media strategies and recommendations, Homes.com has outlined 10 compelling reasons why agents and brokers should use Google+ and get ahead of your competition to reach more prospects.

1. Google+ Circles – In an effort to eliminate the noise that has become overwhelming on other social channels, Google+ allows you to organize your contacts into groups (“circles”) so that you can manage and share the content that is relevant to their interests. Organize your clients into circles with titles like First Time Homebuyers, Investors, Empty-Nesters, Prospects and others. So rather than scrolling through endless pictures of cats and home cooked meals, real estate professionals can save time by viewing and sharing only the content pertinent to them.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Benefits – While Google’s social media platform was somewhat late to the social game, it’s safe to say that Google is the leading search engine. This is a top reason why agents and brokers should be flocking to Google+. Unlike other social media posts, public posts on Google+ are indexed for Google searches and some could even rank at the top of search results and stay there for long periods of time. That alone is a big deal especially in terms of local marketing.

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