Is Your Body Language Sending The Right Message to Real Estate Leads?

Is Your Body Language Sending The Right Message to Real Estate LeadsWe’ve all heard about body language. When someone’s arms are crossed, they are being impatient, right? Or when someone rolls their eyes upwards during a conversation, they’re skeptical.

But there are other, more subtle types of body language that you may not be aware that you’re communicating. This can turn off real estate leads and clients – the same people you’ve been keeping in touch and building relationships with for months or years thanks to your CRM for Agents.

Yes, common body language signals aren’t always true. After all, a person might have their arms crossed just because their arms are tired. Or, they may be looking up because their kid has a soccer game that night and they’re worried about rain!

But, body language can be easily misinterpreted. So you want to make sure YOUR body language isn’t being interpreted as something negative … especially during important meetings with prospective clients.

Body Language Tips to Communicate the Right Message to Your Real Estate Leads:

  • Look a person in the eyes when shaking his/ her hand. This is one of the fastest ways to establish rapport (some agents look down at the hand, perhaps worried they’ll fumble the handshake. If this is your concern, practice).

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  • Maintain eye-to-eye contact during the conversation, especially when the other person is talking. This reinforces that you are interested and listening.
  • Smile as often as possible, but never immediately after the other person asks a question. A smile after a question about financing, for example, might be interpreted as condescending.
  • Keep your feet on the floor, not crossed. Lean slightly forward. This shows that you are there to do business and make things happen. By contrast, sitting back with your legs crossed looks like you’re settling in for a quiet evening and a movie!
  • When taking notes, keep your notepad visible, not tilted close to your chest. People sometimes get nervous when an agent is taking notes they can’t see. Keeping your notepad visible makes them feel more comfortable (they probably won’t be able to read what you’re writing anyway).

Takeaway point: Ensure your body language consistently communicates that you are a knowledgeable, helpful professional.