2013 is all About the Smartphone: How Does Your Real Estate Contact Management Software Stack Up?

As smartphones become increasingly part of our daily lives, it’s important that yours is able to sync with the built-in calendar and address book in your real estate contact management software.

Take a look at this insightful data:

According to Nielsen, most people in the U.S. use an Android, followed by an iPhone. Make sure your real estate contact management software syncs with a range of smartphones to ensure you won’t run into problems down the road. If you have an Android right now, you may switch to an iPhone or BlackBerry in the future and you’ll want the peace of mind in knowing that your contact management system is compatible.

Does your smartphone sync with your real estate contact management software?

The graph below shows that the adoption of tablets, but particularly smartphones has been steadily increasing over time. Is your real estate contact management software compatible with tablets, such as the iPad? Do you have a CRM for Mac and iPad? Can you access the full software on your tablet AND can the software sync with the tablet’s built-in calendar and address book? These are the questions you should ask yourself as we move into 2013.

Does your iPad work with your real estate CRM?

According to Google, over 80% of those who own a smartphone take the phone with them on the road. 66% access the internet on their smartphone a minimum of once a day. For Agents, these numbers are likely higher. This underscores the importance of being able to be productive while away from your desk.

A real estate contact management software will let you be productive while on the go

As you can see, the overwhelming majority of smartphone users use their phone for communication, which includes emails and social networks. Over half use their smartphone to “stay informed.” When your real estate contact management software is synced with your smartphone, you’ll be able to do even more than just communicate, stay informed, and entertain yourself.

How smartphones are used

IXACT Contact syncs with the built-in address book and calendar on your smartphone. And it’s fully compatible with all tablets. In fact, it’s one of the leading CRM’s for Mac and iPad.

What smartphone do you use? Please leave a comment below!