The Ultimate List of Real Estate Resources for Keeping in Touch with Past Clients

Real estate marketing guide: the ultimate list of resources for keeping in touch with past clientsWe’ve compiled a fantastic list of real estate resources below that’ll give you a ton of ideas on creative and effective ways to keep in touch with past clients, so you can stay memorable and “top of mind.” Remember, this is a key element to achieving a referrals-based business.

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How to Make the Most of Your Agent Database

This article highlights the importance focusing on the people you already know as a way to get new business. There are many notable occasions to reach out to your real estate database such as birthdays, first day of a new season, and more. Remember to set up reminders in your real estate CRM to reach out on these special occasions.

7 Creative Ways to Keep in Touch With Past Real Estate Clients

This article shows you some pretty creative ways to keep in touch. I particularly like point #1: Deliver some news they can use. Sending out useful and interesting information can help you establish credibility with your database and help you to position yourself as a “home expert.” A monthly e-Newsletter is a great way to do this.

11 Ways and Reasons to Keep in Touch

In this article, Sean Carpenter, Director of Agent Development for the Ohio NRT Companies, talks about involving the kids in your conversations with clients. I can’t agree more. Learn about your clients lives, their hobbies, their children, and make an effort to ask about these things. It’s a key element to relationship building. Make sure you record this information under the client’s profile in your real estate CRM so next time you speak with him or her you can reference it.

Staying in Touch Without Being a Pest

At IXACT Contact, when we speak with clients on the phone about keeping in touch, we often hear, “I know I should be keeping in touch but I don’t want to seem like a pest.” The reality is, if you’re keeping in touch in the “right way” you won’t be a pest at all. This real estate resource explains what that “right way” is from one successful Agent’s point of view.

Quiz: How Well Are You Keeping in Touch with Clients?

This is a fun quiz that you can take to see how well you’re doing in terms of keeping in touch with your clients. The quiz gives you some amazing ideas on how to stay “top of mind” with your database.

Reconnecting with Past Clients is Easier than You Might Think

One big problem agents face is re-connecting with real estate clients after a long time of not keeping in touch. If you haven’t been in contact with leads and clients in your database, it’s not too late! This article shows you a good approach to take when trying to re-connect.

A Multi-Channel Approach to Marketing Communications

With so many communication channels available these days, which ones are the best? Which ones should you focus on and which ones should you ignore? This article sheds some light on these questions and shows you how to create a “smart” communications plan.