3 Things you’re Neglecting Today that you’ll Regret in 5 Years

real estate regretAs a real estate agent, you have a lot on your mind each day. You may not have time to worry about potential future regrets.

But what if there are a few relationship-building things you could adjust in your business today that would help you avoid the pain of remorse in the future?

It makes perfect sense to focus on motivated leads that are looking to make a move immediately. But it’s also important to have an effective plan for long-term lead generation. You’ll reap what you sow in real estate leads!

Here are three easy things you can incorporate into your real estate business now that will ensure your business is booming and regret-free in five years’ time:

Sending a Monthly e-Newsletter

This has the potential to be one of the simplest things you can do now that you’ll benefit from in years to come. Sending a Monthly e-Newsletter to your contacts helps you stay top of mind, establishes you as an expert on all things real estate-related, and reminds your contacts how to get in touch with you.

When your contact or past client is thinking about moving, the first Agent that comes to mind will be you!

If you’re not sending out a Monthly e-Newsletter now, you run the risk of your leads and past clients forgetting your name, and working with another Agent. This is one of the easiest ways to build a relationship and keep in touch over time.

Sending a Monthly e-Newsletter can be easier than you think! IXACT Contact provides a Monthly e-Newsletter written and designed by real estate marketing professionals, helping you make the professional impression you want to each month. Best of all, your e-Newsletter can be emailed to your contacts automatically each month, without you lifting a finger! With IXACT Contact’s unique “set it and forget it” capabilities, you’ll stay top of mind with all past clients and referral sources.

Paying attention to longer-term leads

Not all contacts are ready to make a move yet but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them. Prime the pipeline for the years to come by nurturing your longer-term real estate leads. Lead nurturing is the process of keeping in touch with your prospects over time and building your relationship with them until they’re ready to use your services.

When you consistently nurture longer-term leads, you set yourself up for success in the months and years to come. Ignoring long-term leads is a mistake that you might regret in the future.

Use your CRM to assign long-term leads to marketing Activity Plans. A marketing Activity Plan is a series of phone call reminders and emails that go out automatically at various time intervals. IXACT Contact real estate CRM comes pre-loaded with multiple Activity plans created for you and designed for different types of leads, such as for-sale-by-owners (FSBOs) or renters.

Email marketing is one of the simplest, non-confrontational, and least expensive ways to generate real estate leads. If you aren’t using it effectively to nurture your long-term leads, you may regret it.

Celebrating Birthdays and Move-in Anniversaries

Have you ever forgotten the birthday of a close friend or family member? If you have, you’re likely well-acquainted with a feeling of guilt and regret! But special dates can certainly be difficult to remember.

Almost everyone I know likes to be remembered on their Birthday, even your real estate leads and past clients! Not only is sending well-wishes a thoughtful gesture, it’s also a great reason to get in touch with a contact.

If you’re not reaching out to wish your contacts a happy birthday or congratulate them on the anniversary of their home purchase, you’re missing an opportunity to connect and make your contact feel special. A few years down the line, you might regret not having built stronger relationships with your leads and past clients.

The good news is, with the right tools, it’s easy to remember special dates! IXACT Contact will remind you when a special day is coming up, so you can send your well wishes. Depending on your relationship with the contact, you can send a card, a gift, or make a phone call to reconnect and wish them well on their special day.


When it comes to real estate leads, you reap what you sow. Not all your leads are going to be ready to move immediately. Some leads are longer-term, but they are still valuable for you in the months and years to come.

Don’t regret losing touch and missing out on quality real estate leads. Use the tools provided by a real estate CRM like IXACT Contact to keep in touch regularly and easily.

Best of all, many keep in touch features can be completely automated, so you can set it and forget it! Your Monthly e-Newsletter and drip email marketing can run on auto-pilot, so you’re staying in touch without lifting a finger.

Don’t risk the pain of regret in 5 years when you’ll wish you had kept in touch more effectively and didn’t lose out on quality leads. Start your 5 week free trial of IXACT Contact now and avoid suffering Agent relationship remorse!