Why do I need a Real Estate CRM…Especially Now?

A lot of businesses have been hurt by the ongoing pandemic and a lot of us are re-evaluating our expenses in an effort to save money. Many of us are keeping a close eye on our expenditures and for very good reason, especially when the economy spiraled down so quickly and businesses had to shut their doors. When it comes to essentials, groceries, rent and mortgage payments, and bills are on the top of your list, but your real estate business should be up there too. Why? Because when things go back to normal, real estate activity will increase and you have to be prepared for all circumstances. Here’s where a real estate CRM can come into play.

A Real Estate CRM Helps you Stay Organized

If you’ve been overwhelmed lately, organization can help you. Organizing your home, your closet, your office space and even your database. We’ve stressed the importance of this in previous blogs. However, now is really the time to practice this. Keeping your database organized now will prepare you for the flow of potential buyers that will contact you after everything is over. Your database is like your sanctuary. You want to make sure you nurture it while you have the amount of time. The best part of it all is that when things go back to normal, you will have your contact data right at your fingertips!

A Real Estate CRM Keeps you on Track

You may be finding it hard to keep up with your real estate business. And you are not at fault. Especially now when everything is uncertain. A real estate CRM will guide you in the right direction. You may have one morning when you are just out of it. You are all over the place and that is okay. A real estate CRM like IXACT Contact has everything stored in one single, easy-to-use platform. It will alert you when you need to contact someone in your database. Best of all, everything is automated. It’s like having your very own personal assistant!

A Real Estate CRM Keeps you Top of Mind

Aside from reaching out to your prospects and past clients at this time, how else are you supposed to stay top of mind, especially when you are not in the mood to sit at your desk and send emails? Your very own real estate website and automated social media with curated real estate content do the trick! A real estate CRM will help you build your real estate brand while you are out in your backyard doing gardening or drinking your morning coffee on your patio.

Key Takeaways

You may be revaluating your expenses right now and that’s okay. But your real estate business should still be one of your priorities. If you are still hesitant as to why you need a real estate CRM and if its worth spending money, check out our latest webinar “Staying Ahead of the Curve with the Help of a Real Estate CRM.” You can also try out IXACT Contact for 70 days FREE. This way, when things go back to normal, you will be prepared for the fluctuation of real estate activity with a handy real estate CRM by your side!