4 Amazing Ways to Grow Your Real Estate Database

4 amazing ways to grow your real estate databaseIf you think about it, your real estate contact management database is the only tangible asset that you, as an Agent have so naturally it should be your most valuable business asset. Having a large database filled with quality contacts that you nurture over time will lead to a steady flow of referrals and repeat business.

Building Your Real Estate Database

Here are four ways to build your database and get your real estate contact management system working for you:

1. Add people from your personal and professional network to your real estate database

Is everyone you know in your database? They should be. While you may not think of friends, family members, past colleagues from another career, and other business professionals as leads, they very well could be.

It’s important to build long-term relationships with these people and position yourself as a “home expert” in their mind. Do this by adding them to your real estate contact management system. From there, you can send them your e-Newsletter, put them on a drip marketing campaign, make quarterly keep in touch calls, and more.

2. Host loyalty-building events

Client appreciation parties, home expert seminars, picnics, Fourth of July fireworks parties, etc. are events you can host to get some new real estate leads. When you invite your clients, they’ll bring friends and family members along which means that you’re building your database by engaging those already in it.

3. Introduce yourself to other businesses/ professionals

Take the initiative to go out and introduce yourself to potential business-to-business referral sources, such as contractors, designers, and mortgage brokers. These people could bring dozens of referrals your way. Make an effort to get to know these professionals, their business, and offer to help them in any way.

4. Reconnect

Get back in touch with past clients, real estate leads, and anyone else in your database that you’ve lost contact with. Call and apologize for being out of touch. Then ask permission to re-build the relationship and send them your real estate newsletter. Most will be glad you called and agree to receive your newsletter.

How many contacts do you add to your database on a monthly basis? Please leave a comment below.