How to Build your Real Estate CRM Database and Why you Want to

  As a real estate agent, there are a lot of things you “should” do that you hear over and over again. You should keep in touch with past clients. You should have a responsive website. You should up your database. But that isn’t very helpful if no one is telling you how or why. […]

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Build your Real Estate CRM Database with 4 Easy Steps

An agent’s real estate CRM database is one of their most prized processions. It’s the backbone of a sales professional’s business, being the source of repeat and referral business. The more quality contacts in your real estate CRM database, the more repeat client transactions and referrals will likely come your way. No wonder most real […]

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5 Bold Tips to Grow Your Contact Database

grow database

Email marketing remains a primary strategy for real estate agents! As organic reach dwindles on social media, and search engine optimization becomes an endless task, email marketing provides a simple and direct way to stay in contact with your prospects and clients. There’s just one challenge: expanding your contact list! While lead generation pages can […]

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Why Your Real Estate Network Isn’t Expanding

It’s common sense – to grow your business, you have to grow your real estate network. But with about 2.5 million real estate agents in the U.S. who are also striving to make connections and generate leads, how do you stand out and  expand your network of contacts? Thriving in the competitive real estate market […]

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5 Ways for Landing Loads of Business From Your Real Estate Database

real estate database

Maybe you spend a lot of time prospecting for new real estate clients. But are you also digging into your database to uncover the hot leads that are waiting in there?  In this video, real estate coach and IXACT Contact partner Bruce Keith shares five actionable tips to help you land more business from your […]

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Cleaning Out Your Database Closet

Today I’m sharing a blog written by Debbie Hanlon for Debbie’s clever metaphors explain why it’s so important to clean up your real estate databse. She even includes some great tips on how exactly to go about it! Debbie writes: Every now and then I get what I like to call the urge to […]

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