5 Do’s of Superior Customer Service as an Agent

Being a real estate agent basically means you are an expert in both the real estate industry and customer service. If you want to take your customer service from good to outstanding though, focus on doing these 5 things.

DO Be Prompt

No one likes to be kept waiting, but when it comes to one of the biggest transactions of a person’s life they like it even less. That’s why it is so important as a real estate agent that you respond to any client or lead inquiries promptly, and always show up for appointments on time. That probably seems like a no-brainer when working with a client, but it can be tough to keep up with new leads in the same way.

A real estate CRM such as IXACT Contact can help you here. When you set up automated lead capture, IXACT Contact can send you an immediate email and/or text alert every time a new lead comes into your database. This will help you to respond to them promptly, and that helps your odds of turning them into a client.

DO Communicate Throughout the Process

As we’ve said, buying or selling a home is a huge moment in most people’s lives. They want to know that the agent they have trusted with it is on top of everything. The only real way to do that is to communicate with them at every stage of the process. It might be a bit time consuming to do, but it will be worth it when you have a happy client who wants to refer their friends and family to you in the future.

IXACT Contact helps you remember to stay in communication with our Task List and Calendar. Set your To Dos for each client, and receive reminders about them each day. You’ll stay organized and your clients will remain happy.

DO Listen to Your Clients

Letting your clients know what you are doing for them is very important, but so is actually listening to what they have to say. This can be for things as essential as what their neighborhood preference for buying or things as subtle as a sport their child plays. Both pieces of information can be vital to you having a successful working relationship with a client.

A good way to ensure that you pay attention whenever you are on the phone with a client or prospect is to take notes. It helps you focus and also gives you information to draw from in the future. With IXACT Contact, you can enter these notes directly into a Contact Profile so you always have all the information you need right when you need it.

DO Use Listing and Closing Activity Plans

You have a lot of things to remember for a lot of different leads and clients at any given time. It is understandable that a few of those things could slip through the cracks or get muddled. A good real estate CRM can help prevent that from happening by providing you with Listing and Closing Activity Plans.

IXACT Contact has pre-defined Listing and Closing Activity Plans (that you can customize too!) you can assign to your Active Business. These will provide you with a list of tasks that should be completed for any given transaction – and they are set for appropriate time intervals in the process. You’ll never miss a step or confuse a listing again.

DO Respect Technical Communication Preferences

Every person you work with, or hope to work with, will have slightly different wants and needs when it comes to buying or selling their home. You know that and you work hard to accommodate those differences and make each transaction a personal one. The same should go with the means of communication you choose for every contact. Email may not be the preference of some people who are much older and perhaps looking to downsize. Phone calls might make first-time Millennial buyers uncomfortable. How do you solve this? Easy – you ask.

Once you have asked how a contact prefers to communicate with you, make a note of it. IXACT Contact helps you keep track of this easily with a “Preferred Method of Correspondence” field in every Contact Profile. So when in doubt, all you have to do is check. Your contacts will be happier and your overall communication will be better.


You’ve got the knowledge and talent, now take your customer service to another level and see your real estate business become even more successful. Give the 5 Do’s above a little more focus, and you’ll see the payoff. Use IXACT Contact to help make that superior customer service even easier to achieve. Start your FREE 5 week trial of IXACT Contact now.