5 Strategic Tips to Make You A Social Media Pro

Social media is well known to be a great way to build your brand and engage through multiple platforms. Your social media presence tells your brand story to new clients and displays your business’ personality to potential clients. Your social profiles act as the voice that your brand needs. You want to keep your social media posts professional but also have some casual, funny posts to show who you are and build trust with your followers. You have the control to set the tone of your interactions. Here are a handful of tips to help you manage your social media success.  

Shine Your Personality Through Your Social Media

Social media is a great platform to share your day-to-day life but also maintain your business professionalism. You can post things that your viewers can connect with like family/pets, events in your community, or that beautiful sunset shot you captured over the weekend. Try to keep those personal posts to one a week. 

You can also show off your properties but instead of always sharing the listing itself, share the selling point of the home. Maybe the house has a killer entertaining area that is a must-see. You can also share design tips or maybe how-to’s on a budget that brings a different view to your followers. 

Keep Promotional Posts Going but Limited

If you’ve ever heard the 80-20 rule being thrown around, social media is one of the best places to use this strategy. You want to be productive but also mindful so you continue to engage with your followers, and potential clients and prove yourself as the best in business. Going overboard can cause people to lose interest.

While creating your posts, you want to keep 80% of your posts that are relevant to your target audience with no benefit to you or your business. The remaining 20% of your posts can be used to promote your listings, what you offer, or even yourself. 

Be Creative With What You Post

Instead of just posting the same old property listing or a list of your services, post content with a creative side to it. Have your previous clients create a video testimonial for you, showcase a local event you’re attending or hosting, and promote a business referral partner you rely on and trust. They can do the same for you! The more creative you get, the more likely you’re able to grab the attention of your target audience and viewers. 


I know, it may sound scary at first but it is a big way to get in front of your audience in real-time. They can see your video instantly and even ask questions while you’re shooting your video. While you’re at a listing or event, make it happen through either Facebook or Instagram. 

Don’t Forget to Engage

This may be one of the more important items because it shows you care and that you have a real interest in your followers. It also helps build those relationships by proving you’re a real person instead of someone who just automates their social media. Doing this for 10-15 a day can boost engagement to your brand and help boost your posts. 

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