9 Do’s and Don’ts of Excellent Customer Service as an Agent


On any given day, a real estate agent has a thousand tasks on the go.  Between your listing presentations, open houses, contract drafts and phone calls, it can be easy to lose focus on the kind of service you’re offering your clients.

Are you providing the best possible service to your real estate clients? Follow these 9 customer service do’s and don’ts for real estate agents and you’ll be swimming in client referrals in no time!


1. Be Prompt and Punctual

According to the National Association of Agents, over 88% of buyers expect a response from their Agent within an hour.  This statistic alone shows how critical a speedy response is and can differentiate you from your professional on smartphonecompetitors. Are you meeting your clients’ expectations by responding as soon as possible?

Being punctual also goes a long way for clients, and we know how tough it can be with your crazy busy career. Your clients will remember you for being on time for meetings, calling when you say you will, and responding to emails and texts ASAP.  Your incredible service will be a great selling point and a huge factor for past clients wishing to refer you to their friends or use your services again.


2. Do MORE

Go above and beyond for your clients. They expect you to do exactly what you say you will and understand the lengths you go to just to accomplish essential tasks (such as being on time for meetings). But if you want to secure that repeat and referral business you need to give them an experience they’ll want to tell everyone about. Surprise your clients with dinner after a long day of house hunting.  When your customer’s home buying journey is over, get them a personalized closing gift or thank you card. These little gestures speak volumes to clients.


3. Communicate Throughout the Process

Even if your client has bought and sold properties before, they are probably not as well-versed in the transaction process as you are. Be sure to communicate the process to them clearly so they aren’t left in the dark. Maybe you are busily completing important tasks, but if your client isn’t hearing from you, they might assume you’re not actively working on their transaction. Remember to give your client regular updates on the transaction so they rest assured that you’re on top of every detail.

A big part of providing excellent customer service is about communication. A good real estate professional sets clear expectations, communicates often, and handles delicate situations with sensitivity. If you execute the transition efficiently and professionally, you’ve laid the foundation for more repeat and referral business.


4. Use Listing and Closing Activity Plans

Listing and Closing Activity Plans help you make sure you’re doing all you can for your client and their listing. As soon as you assign an Activity Plan in your real estate CRM, the system will remind you to do all the pertinent steps involved in listing or closing a home so nothing falls through the cracks. You can then easily generate a service report from your CRM to show them everything you’ve been working on. Your clients will be impressed!


5. Listen to Your Clients

It’s as simple as it sounds.  You and your client both know that you are the real estate professional. However, it is difficult to stop some clients from entering the relationship with unrealistic expectations and an imaginary dream home. You don’t always have to agree with your clients but do take the time to listen to their thoughts, ideas, and opinions so they feel understood. Then they will be more likely to accept the reality from you.


6. Don’t Respond Late

Those few minutes spent catching up on Twitter rather than responding to a lead’s email could cost you that prospect’s precious business. It’s all too easy to tell yourself you’ll follow up with emails or voicemails at a later time, and never getting around to it. Your customers are your number one priority at all times.


7. Don’t Use Fancy Industry Jargon

Too much industry talk is likely to confuse your clients and make them feel uncomfortable, or in the worst case, insulted.  Instead, use language that is easy to understand and can engage your client, making them feel on the same level and able to communicate their wants and needs with confidence.


8. Don’t Ignore Technical Communication Preferences

Not every client will be savvy enough to navigate each platform you communicate on, and may in fact only use or like a particular one.  Are you selling a first home to a millennial? They may prefer to communicate by text. Helping a senior customer downsize? They may prefer a phone call. Be sure to take note of your clients’ preferences so that you have a reliable way of communicating with them.


9. Don’t Treat Clients Like Transactions

It can easy to fall into the trap of viewing your clients as a customer count needed to pay your bills. To build an excellent reputation and encourage referral and repeat business, it’s imperative that you treat your clients as human beings. Start by keeping notes about your clients in the Contact Profile section of your real estate CRM. You can even make note of things like a new pet or child’s graduation.  Next time you speak to them you can bring it up! These details will help you strengthen your relationship as person-to-person rather than salesperson-to-customer.


In conclusion, you can transform your business into one fueled by repeats and referrals if you commit to adopting (or getting rid of) some of these habits.  Your customers are on your side. People love sharing their positive experiences with their friends and family in hopes that they too can have the same great experience. Make it happen! Follow these do’s and don’ts and become the agent people can’t stop talking about!

Some of these tasks may seem a bit daunting without the help of a real estate organizational system.  Try investing in a CRM to help you with your contact management. It’s crucial for keeping in touch with old, new, and current clients and will help you remain top of mind.  Try IXACT Contact—sign up for our 5-week FREE trial today!