A New “ABC” Strategy for Real Estate Sales

cropped3In sales, we often hear the acronym “ABC” which stands for “Always Be Closing.”  It’s a strategy that encourages real estate agents to be persistent and focus on the end game.  To follow the ABC technique, an Agent is constantly on the prowl for prospects, carefully nurturing leads, and staying highly motivated to close more sales. ABC is another way of reminding yourself to “keep your eye on the ball,” remaining aware of what exactly you’re working for.

While I agree that focusing on the end goal is effective, I wonder if there is some value in also concentrating on the process of getting there. What I suggest is in addition to keeping your eye on closing sales, you also consider that ABC can stand for “Always Be Connecting.”  Here’s why:

Before you close, you have to connect.

Most real estate sales begin with some type of relationship, which means that most sales are thanks to an earlier connection.  Choosing an agent to help a buyer or seller through one of the biggest events of their life is no small decision.  Most people are far more comfortable with an agent they’ve built some rapport with.

It’s true that not every individual you meet is looking to buy or sell a home, but they might know someone who is. So not only do your daily connections have the potential to translate into new, high quality leads, but they can also become powerful, fresh referral sources for your real estate business.  Each closing starts with a connection, including connections from a referral.

Opportunities are everywhere.

Sometimes we don’t realize how many chances we have to connect with others on any given week. It’s likely that you interact with new people daily. While I’m not suggesting you pass your business card to the person handing you a coffee through a Drive-Thru window, I do think we often miss opportunities with people we interact with.  The first step to making the most of these opportunities is being focused enough to notice them.

Try this: challenge yourself to look for chances to connect with the people you meet at your kid’s school events, when you’re in line at the grocery store, or waiting for your yoga class to begin.  Keep your mind on connecting with people, and you may find you make some new friends along the way!

A little reminder goes a long way.

Part of the power of the ABC rule is that it offers us a simple reminder to re-focus on our goals.  When you’re busy trying to complete the items on your to-do list, making prospecting calls and finalizing contracts, it’s all too easy to stop prioritizing connecting with people. The ABC strategy helps you remain mindful about making the most of the opportunities that come your way.

How will you remember to Always Be Connecting? It could be a post it note on your desk or the background image on your Smartphone. I even know of someone who carries an alphabet travel mug as a subtle reminder of the ABC rule.


Try it yourself! Challenge yourself this week to look for chances to connect with new people, and start building relationships that can lead to closings.

Remember to add your new connections to your real estate CRM. The right system, like IXACT Contact, will help you keep in touch with your Sphere of Influence and save you time.

Being mindful about building new relationships has the power to both grow your business, and enrich your personal life and happiness.