Advice from a Real Estate Pro: One-A-Day

cropped3I’m always after you to… “Add one new name every day to your database.” I’m talking about people you can follow up with in the future for referrals (or even direct business in the months to come). Two questions come from this recommendation… Where do I find them? & What do I say?

WHERE? In your day-to-day prospecting there are bound to be one or two individuals with whom you “hit it off”. It doesn’t mean that they are moving, it just means that you have a nice pleasant conversation. Add them to your IXACT Database right away – you never know where your next referral will come from.

WHAT TO SAY? Here’s the closing line that I used hundreds of times. Very effective and very conversational…

“It’s been great speaking with you Mr./Mrs. Prospect… it’s obvious to me that you certainly know the area well/are not moving in the next little while/really enjoy living there. Just so you know, periodically I send out information on the area to keep people up-to-date on how their investment is doing… meaning your home. I don’t mind adding you to the group of people I keep informed… I’d be glad to do that for you – what’s the best e-mail address for me to use?”

Conclusion: there is one more question to consider… why do I want to build up my list? Simply put, by staying in touch with this group of people on an ongoing basis you will build the all-important relationship that generates an incredible number of referrals. The first part is to build the list, the second part is to stay in touch – a minimum of every 90 days is the best approach.

Simply add them to use your IXACT reminder system to trigger your next point of contact. Whether it be face-to-face, over the phone, e-mail, surface mailer, etc. make sure it’s in your system so you don’t have to think about it. It just pops up when you need it.   NO Excuses.

Leave a comment below, what’s your favorite way for staying in touch with your IXACT Contact Database?

Bruce Keith is a leading motivational speaker and trainer, specializing in real estate sales. He has been a top Coach, helping thousands of Salespeople for over 15 years. Check out his Coaching Programs and his new membership program, the “Real Estate Insiders Club.”