Best Online Tools and Apps for Real Estate Agents

Online tools and appsIt’s a wonderful time to be an Agent with all the helpful tools available to the real estate industry.  Technology offers us so many ways to stay connected, safe, organized and keep learning about real estate.   Are you taking advantage of the powerful apps and websites online to help you save time?  We’ve compiled a list of 10 terrific online tools and apps for real estate agents to help you accomplish more and make your life easier:

Wi-Fi Finder

wifi finderFor members of an industry who spend a lot of time on the go, searching for Wi-Fi can be a tedious process for Agents, but still preferable over data charges!  Check out Wi-Fi Finder, a free app that will help you locate free or paid Wi-Fi wherever you are. The app uses the GPS function of your smartphone to tell you exactly where the closest Wi-Fi hotspot is, and how to get there.  Bonus: it doesn’t require Wi-Fi to use the app!


preziLooking to make a real estate listing presentation that will really wow your audience?Check out Prezi. This visually stunning presentation editor allows you to display information on or offline, collaborate with teammates, and import images and videos.  Since Prezi is a Cloud-based program, you can use it to present from your desktop, iPhone, or iPad, making it a terrific option for displaying information at an open house or a last minute meeting in a coffee shop. Prezi is free if you’re okay with all of your presentations being public. There is a low monthly cost for making your presentations private.

Google Alerts

Google alertsOne of many useful tools from Google, this free service allows you to receive notifications every time your name, business name, or any topic that interests you is mentioned online. You can control how often alerts will be emailed to you, keeping you in the loop each time your business is mentioned. Try setting up an alert for the geographical area you farm, or homes for sale in your city.


bsafePersonal safety for real estate agents is an important issue, and one of the many ways smartphones are keeping us connected and safer. The bSafe app is both Apple and Android friendly. It has an alert button to notify select friends and family of your whereabouts, with a video recording feature included. You can also have people “Follow You” via GPS (so if you divert course, they’ll know). The SOS button offers you peace of mind and a Fake Call option helps you  exit uncomfortable situations gracefully.  This app is terrific for real estate agents. Stay safe by keeping your selected family, friends and co-workers aware of your location.


Social media plabufferys a big part in both our personal and professional lives, but sometimes keeping your channels updated throughout the day can be a challenge. Buffer is a social media publishing and scheduling tool that helps you schedule your posts to all your social networks in advance, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. The site even offers suggestions for posts when you may not know what you’d like to share.  The basic Buffer plan is free, paid membership for $102/ year offers you reporting and analytics functionality.


mojoAre you an Agent who swears by the tried and true cold-calling method as one of your strategies for lead generation? Using an auto-dialer like Mojo helps you speak to more people in less time, freeing up the rest of your day to complete your other tasks. The program boasts the ability to help users make up to 85 calls per hour! With Mojo, you don’t have to dial individual numbers, you don’t sit through the ringing of the phone, and you avoid dialing into pre-recorded messages. The monthly fee starts at $89, so it’s best if used by an Agent who prioritizes telephone marketing.

Pixlr Online Photo Editor

pixlrNeed to edit or crop a real estate image, but don’t want to purchase a high-cost photo editor? Pixlr Editor is a free robust browser photo editor, terrific for editing photos of homes you’re listing or for cropping a picture to post on Facebook. You’ll have full control over your images, including layers and effects, all for free.

Mortgage Calculator

mortgage calculatorNeed to quickly calculate the repayment requirements of a mortgage? Mortgage Calculator is a free simple tool that factors in a few important pieces of information to offer of the most accurate results, including what the monthly/ bi-monthly payments would be and the estimated payoff date.


active rainFrom newbie Real Estate Rookies to veteran agents who have seen it all, ActiveRain offers real estate professionals an online platform to share ideas, answer questions and gain knowledge. It’s designed to connect Agents, financial advisers, inspectors, stagers, and marketers to each other to help you gain referrals, improve your marketing and expand your business through blogging. Any member of the real estate industry is welcome to a free account, making you free to comment, email, converse and learn from all these blogs. Free members are also able to write blogs to be viewed by the members of ActiveRain; however,  to share your blog publicly, you’ll need to pay for an ActiveRain account.

IXACT Contact

IXACT Contact CRMOne of the most crucial tools in an agent’s toolbox is a real estate CRM. IXACT Contact’s web-based Agent CRM makes it easy to keep in touch, helping you build lasting relationships with past clients, hot prospects, and important referral sources. The contact management system for agents also helps you manage all your transactions, keeping you organized and in control. Powerful email marketing functionality makes it easy for you to stay in touch with your contacts.  IXACT Contact offers real estate agents a 5 week FREE trial of the CRM, so take it for a test drive today!

Explore these helpful online tools for real estate agents and find out which ones can help maximize your workday.  Do you know of any other helpful websites or apps for real estate agents? Share your favorites in the comment section below!

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