Boost your Sales with the Help of ONE Simple Tool

Adapting to new norms in the real estate industry is critical. Staying top of mind with your prospects and past clients and growing your online presence are more crucial than ever. As restrictions are lifted and things return to normal, real estate activity is increasing, and to make the most of the coming surge, you need the right real estate CRM.

A real estate CRM like IXACT Contact can grow your real estate business by helping you get organized, build your online presence, and keep you top of mind with your prospects and past clients, resulting in more sales. But, without a good real estate CRM, you can be missing out on this opportunity, costing you more sales than you realize.

On Wednesday June 24th, join us for a webinar on CRM-The Forgotten Tool that is Costing you more Sales than you Realize. In this webinar, you will be shown how simply having and using a proper real estate CRM, like IXACT Contact can help you to:

– Get your contact data organized

– Build your online presence through automated social media content posting and a fresh, new website

– Create an automated keep in touch system to stay top of mind with prospects, past clients, and important referral sources

– Automate your lead capture and nurture leads

And more!

As we shift to a more digital stream in the real estate industry, having the right real estate CRM can help skyrocket your sales. It is important not to overlook this key tool. Register for our webinar and find out how you can use this tool to leverage your real estate sales to their fullest!