3 Unexpected Uses of Email Marketing

You know that email marketing is a key tool in converting leads and keeping in touch with clients, but you can use it for some unexpected things as well. Good email marketing can and will provide such a myriad of benefits, you shouldn’t ignore any of them!

1. Referrals

You know that sending regular email marketing to your past clients will help them remember you if they need a real estate agent again in the future. Have you considered that staying top of mind with these clients also means they’ll send you more referrals? A monthly e-Newsletter, such as the one IXACT Contact provides, is a great way to show off your expertise to past clients and encourage them to send you referrals. Don’t always exclude your past clients when sending a Just Listed email either, as they may know someone it could be perfect for.

2. Hidden Leads

What if you had hot leads hiding in your database? Guess what, you probably do! And email marketing can help to reveal them. When you use IXACT Contact, you receive campaign reporting on every mass email you send. You can use this reporting to see who is opening and clicking on the emails. If there are a ton of opens by one person, the odds are good they might have forwarded it to people they know who might be interested. If one person has clicked multiple times, they are probably interested! Both scenarios indicate a hot lead of some kind that you didn’t even know you had before.

3. Build Your Brand

No one understands the value of a personal brand better than a real estate agent. From your open house materials to your For Sale signs to your website, you have a consistent and coherent brand. But did you know your email marketing could also help build that brand? With IXACT Contact, you can create a custom email header and signature – and it’s easy. These can be included on any mass email you send, tying together the brand you have worked so hard to build.


Email marketing can do so much for your real estate business, and it takes very little additional effort to reap those extra rewards. IXACT Contact makes it even easier with its easy-to-use tools, done-for-you content and templates, and robust campaign reporting. Start your FREE 5 week trial of IXACT Contact now.