Building the Foundation of Your Database

The concept of technology, the Internet and the network. Businessman shows a working model of business: Email marketing

Your database serves as your own personal encyclopedia, and managing this list daily will always generate a large percent of your business – if you do it correctly and stick to it. Consider this, people that know, like, and trust you already want to do business with you, so it makes sense to grow your IXACT database on an ongoing basis – rather than letting it grow stagnant, dull and uncared for.

Here are 6 essential guidelines to help you make sure your database is vibrant and growing.

  1. Who should be on your list? Everyone who knows you. Who are they?……
  • Past clients
  • Friends/relatives
  • New leads
  • Old leads
  • Social networking
  • Service providers
  • Service clubs
  • Prospecting contacts (example: open house leads)
  • Business acquaintances
  • Internet contacts
  • In other words – EVERYONE
  1. Everybody knows at least 100 more people than they have on their list. Remove your filters (your accountant, neighbours, people from school, etc.).
  1. The rule: — add everyone you can to your list. When in doubt … add them. You can always remove them later if necessary.
  1. Make sure everyone has a mark over date for follow-up. Be sure to call them on the exact date you had originally designated. An easy way to streamline this is to lean on your CRM for automated Keep in Touch Call Reminders. IXACT Contact’s automated monthly e-Newsletter ensures everyone in your database receives a professional branded communication from you every month without fail – and you have the ability to categorize new contacts appropriately.
  1. Make a commitment to add one person a day. Use the above list as a reminder.
  1. CRITICAL POINT: Remember, just because they are not moving does not mean you should not add them to your list. Fact: there is a much better chance they will refer you to someone than move themselves in the next 12 months.

Be sure to stay with in touch with this ever-growing asset. Consistent personal contact and emails is critical. Nurture your relationship by providing added value on an ongoing basis. Be the “go to person” they think of automatically when you are needed. NO Excuses.

bruceBruce Keith is a leading Coach and Trainer for Sales organizations in North America.

He has focused the past 27+ years in the real estate industry. The initial 11 years were spent as a highly successful Real Estate Salesperson– followed by the last 16 years as an acclaimed keynote speaker, seminar leader, author and one-on-one Coach.

Bruce is a master of “what to say and how to say it”. His training techniques for creating comfortable sales conversations are extremely well received…and easy to implement. His clients report that “Bruce knows how to keep it simple. He takes the mystery out of how to be my best self”. 

Inman News recently honored Bruce as one of the 25 “Best Real Estate Coaches in the Business”. You can follow Bruce on Twitter and Facebook and visit his website at