3 Things You Can Outsource to Your CRM


In a single day, real estate agents divide their attention between so many diverse business needs – it’s common to drop the ball in one area. Neglecting lead generation, falling behind on client and prospect follow-up, or having no time to stay in touch with past clients – it’s impossible to do it all. Even the most successful agents are running on low fuel and often find their personal life taking a major hit. A recent study revealed that burnout is responsible for up to half of employee attrition, not to mention that for those employees who manage to push through the burnout, it slows productivity and threatens sales.

Put technology to work for you

Unfortunately for most people, technology, specifically smart phones, has made the workday longer. But for agents that know how to put technology to work for them, major efficiencies can be gained. With the right CRM, agents can outsource much of their marketing, workflow, and lead generation, leaving more time to focus on what matters most, your clients. Below are three vital business drivers that can be outsourced using your real estate CRM, saving you time, money and stress.

  1. Expedite your e-newsletter

One of the best ways to stay in touch with clients and generate referrals is with a digital, mobile-friendly e-newsletter that positions you as a thought leader in the real estate industry. With IXACT Contact’s automated email newsletter agents can easily generate a professionally designed and written e-newsletter with the click of a button. IXACT Contact does the work for you by writing compelling articles and enabling agents to “set it and forget it” so that it’s automatically distributed to your client list. Beyond e-newsletters, using a real estate CRM you can outsource a number of different digital marketing touch points.

  1. Digitize your workflow

Stop manually managing your calendar, task lists and reminders. Stay organized and in control with a real estate CRM that keeps you on track with automated task and appointment reminders. IXACT Contact’s CRM acts as your personal assistant, helping you manage all the To Do’s and appointments related to your listings and closings. IXACT Contact can also provide you with automated keep in touch call reminders, so that important relationships don’t fall through the cracks. And our automated birthday and move-in anniversary reminders make sure that you’ll never miss one of these golden keep in touch opportunities ever again. By centralizing all of your data in one real estate CRM, you can digitize the majority of your workflow; enabling you to handle even more business than you you did before.

  1. Automate your lead generation

The best real estate CRMs go beyond centralizing your contacts into a database – they work around the clock to help you automatically capture leads that can be quickly converted into clients. With features like an integrated website, email drip campaigns and monthly e-newsletters, IXACT Contact’s CRM captures leads, assigns them to your contact database, and begins nurturing them automatically, giving you time to reach out and convert new leads into clients before they fall through the cracks.

Key Takeaway 

Staying on top of your game, avoiding burnout, and providing the best client service is possible when you use technology to your advantage. Take stock of all of your business functions that can be automated or streamlined through a real estate CRM to help you save time, stay organized, and focused on your client relationships. Make sure that when you choose a real estate CRM, that you have the ability to stay connected to your CRM though your phone. With IXACT Contact’s CRM App, you can respond to new leads and keep in touch with your clients from anywhere, on the go.

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