Can a Real Estate CRM Help You Stand Out?

real estate crmWhether you’re a fashionista or not, I bet you’ve heard of the style icon Coco Chanel.  One of my favorite quotes from the legendary designer is, “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”

As an Agent hoping to secure loyal and repeat business, does the idea of being irreplaceable appeal to you? It should! It means your clients would do anything to work with you again. It means they wouldn’t dream of working with another real estate agent!

While real estate is a different industry than fashion design, the goal of standing out as the best of the best is the same.  Chanel’s brand has stood out for years with its sophisticated look and quality workmanship. And while many of us may not be sporting a Chanel suit to an open house, there are things you can do to make yourself irreplaceable in the eyes of your clients.

Here’s a list of 5 actionable ways you can stand out as an Agent.

  1. Prospect with passion and make notes

Like it or not, real estate prospecting really is a key component to your success, so you must find a strategy that works for you and master it. Sure, when you chat with new prospects you’ll hear some “I’m not ready to move yet,” or “Call me in 6 months.” That’s where the strategic note-taking comes into play!

Keep detailed notes and reminders in your real estate CRM about the conversations you have with real estate prospects.  When you get a reminder to call them back, you’ll know exactly what to say.  For example, “Hi Sharon, when we spoke last you mentioned that you and Bill would be interested in downsizing in the New Year. I know you’re interested in a place with a backyard for the grandkids and I’d love to show you some terrific options in town.”

Imagine Sharon’s surprise when you call her and remember these details about exactly what she’s looking for. Good notes stored in your real estate CRM help you impress your prospects and certainly help you stand out from other Agents who keep cold calling with no insight.

  1. Keep in touch with email and more

Keeping in touch is an important step in being an unforgettable Agent.  Whether you’re communicating to prospects, leads, clients or past clients, you want to make sure they remember your name and how to get in touch with you.

A well written monthly e-Newsletter will help you establish trust, credibility, and expertise with real estate leads and clients. And of course, it’s a fantastic way to stay in touch and get people calling YOU in between transactions. And remember that a good contact management system for real estate will come with a great professionally designed and written e-Newsletter every month. Choose a real estate CRM that offers you the option to customize a portion of your real estate newsletter. The extra customization will truly help you stand out.

For contacts on your A list, stand out by sending professionally looking direct mail communications.  Not only are you keeping in touch, but you’re offering valuable knowledge to your hot leads and past clients.

And while we’re on the topic of sending mail, there is no better way to stand out than sending a handwritten note now and then.  Get in the habit of sending a personal card to your leads and clients to thank them for meeting with you, or to thank them for a referral. Receiving a handwritten note in the mail is a pleasant surprise and will certainly make you stand out.

Another powerful keep in touch method is to reach out on your contact’s birthday or move in anniversary. Your contacts will appreciate the personal touch and it’s a perfect excuse for you to contact them in between transactions. Depending on your relationship with the client, you may want to be in contact with a phone call, by sending a card, or even sending a gift. Your real estate CRM will remind you when key dates arise so you can get in touch.

  1. Build an online real estate presence

In today’s digital world, prospects are most likely to turn to the internet to find a real estate agent. In fact, over 60% of buyers use Google to find an agent (Properties Online, 2014). And the majority of these online searches are done on a mobile device!  Does your real estate website stand out in the vast number of Agent website options your leads see in the search results?

The first way you need to stand out is by making sure your Agent website is mobile friendly and attractive.  Elegant design, eye-catching visuals, and well written copy are all important components to make your website shine brighter than all the rest.

Blogging regularly on your website will help you establish your position as a thought leader in the real estate industry.  Regular updates remind website visitors that you’re active, knowledgeable and engaged in the business.  Choose a real estate website provider that offers blog content as part of the subscription to help you save time and reap the rewards.

  1. Add Value with a Business Directory

The most memorable real estate agents are known in their communities for their expertise.  Imagine being the “go-to” resource for all things home-ownership in your city?  You can even have past clients contacting YOU looking for recommendations for a landscaper, contractor or interior designer.

Here’s how to make it happen- build a Business Directory in your real estate CRM. It’s a list of reputable professionals that you can refer to your clients.  Your clients will appreciate you sending them to quality vendors, and the vendors will certainly appreciate you sending them business!  Inform those in your Business Directory that you will be sending them referral business, and let them know you’d welcome any real estate referrals that they can send your way! (And by the way, who do you think the vendors in your Business Directory will call when they want to buy or sell a house?)

Using a Business Directory helps you establish yourself as the home ownership expert in your town.  You’re adding value to your contacts, and that’s an excellent thing to be known for!

  1. Deliver unbeatable service to real estate clients

No matter how strong your real estate marketing is, if you don’t deliver exceptional service to your clients you won’t stand out.  If you truly want to be an irreplaceable Agent, make an effort to be patient, empathetic and positive toward every one of your clients throughout the real estate transaction.

Wowing your clients with a wonderful experience is crucial for gaining more referral business.  Sometimes agents become overwhelmed and drop the ball, so protect yourself from making this error by using the Active Business features in your real estate CRM.  A robust Active Business area acts like your virtual transaction coordinator, keeping you organized and in control, and allowing you to handle more business more professionally than you ever thought possible.

Are you irreplaceable in the minds of your real estate clients?  Make sure you’re their “go-to” real estate expert by standing out from the crowd.  A good real estate CRM will help you get better organized and keep in touch so you can make a terrific impression on your real estate prospects and remain memorable to your past clients.

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