A Handy Chart to Compare Real Estate CRM Options

There are so many CRM options available for Agents, it can be overwhelming to know which one to choose. Each different platform offers its own list of features and functionality, making it challenging to decide which one is best for you. How do you compare real estate CRM options?

We’re so confident that IXACT Contact is the right real estate CRM for you that we’ll show you how we measure up to other popular CRMs and contact organization tools. When a good real estate CRM does all of these things, it becomes an essential investment that you can use to grow your real estate business.

Take a look at this radar chart of the most important real estate CRM features to help you evaluate – quickly and easily – which system will be the most effective for helping you get better organized, stay top of mind and generate more real estate leads.  The chart gives you a visual overview of how different real estate CRMs measure up when it comes to key features.  The closer a CRM plots to the circumference of the circle, the stronger it is.  See how these real estate CRMs measure up.

Looking for more details on how IXACT Contact compares to other real estate CRM options? Check out this full comparison page.
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