Daily Affirmations for Real Estate Top Producers

2015-08-31_154520Today I’m sharing a blog with you from Morris Marketing Group.  It’s always good to remember to think positive, especially as an Agent.  Learn more about daily affirmations:

Sales icon and legendary speaker Zig Ziglar said: “No One Ever Built a Monument to a Critic.”

Too often, real estate agents get caught up in the criticism of others, and even of their own negative thoughts, and as a result they wind up trapped in a rut. Remember that you choose what influences your life, your mind, your thoughts, and your actions. There will always be people out there ready to bring others down, rain on their parades, or tell someone that their dreams or goals are simply ‘impossible’ and unattainable.

Top producers don’t worry about what other people say. They don’t concern themselves with the ‘way things have always been’. They certainly don’t buy into the critics who say something can’t be done.

Top agents are mindful of the influencers that surround them in the competitive real estate business and are open and willing to listen and to accept criticism. So by all means, do listen to your critics, but do not let them influence you by weighing you down and allowing you to believe that you are not worthy of success.

Forget about “woulda, coulda and shoulda” and keep moving forward. The world has enough negative influences, don’t let others or your own voice in your head takeover your abilities, your thoughts, and your very being.

To avoid such negative thoughts and self talk, its good to keep reminding yourself of these 5 daily positive affirmations for top producers:

  1. I am grateful for all I have.
  2. I forgive myself for past mistakes, and I accept, and love myself the way I am.
  3. I deserve and will continue to welcome in my life the very best of everything.
  4. Today was a great day and tomorrow will be even better.
  5. Everyday, I attract success, love, happiness, prosperity, and health in my life.

Takeaway Point: Remember Zig Ziglar’s words, “Don’t be distracted by criticism. Remember the only taste of success some people have is when they take a bite out of you.” Be careful not to let others or your own voice distract you into a negative self-thought dialogue that will spiral out of control. Keep reminding yourself you are worthy and you Can Do everything you choose. Onwards and upwards.