E-Z Email Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

emailAre you over-thinking your real estate email campaign? While it’s necessary to have your database organized and a strategy for your campaign, your email content can be most effective when it’s simple and direct. Here are some easy email marketing tips we’re sharing from Entrepreneur magazine, along with our own suggestions!

Include images with descriptive tags. To make your email message stand out from a crowded inbox, include an image with a tag that interests your recipients. For example, a subject line like, “Did you see this beautiful home in Newbury?” with a corresponding photo “Newbury luxury home” is much more interesting than, “5-bedroom home for sale in Newbury” with a wall of words.

One caveat: many emails are now read on mobile devices, and some images may be blocked. Make sure to use ALT tag copy that translates the meaning of your image, which gives info to the recipient even if they can’t see the picture. Also make sure to include a link to the photo(s) within the message.

In all cases, review the ALT tags for the images in your email campaigns. Be sure they are relevant to the topics.

Target your messages. While there’s nothing wrong with sending templated emails to all of your contacts, do not over-rely on generic, one-size-fits-all messaging. Email marketing is most effective when you speak to the specific needs and goals of a particular audience.

Improve your lead capture forms to better identify your audience. Sort your database into lead categories, and create custom messaging for each group, or use the pre-written email marketing campaign that suits your contact’s needs.

Include a clear call-to-action. You may be tempted to list all the reasons your prospect should contact you: to obtain their home market value, to get the latest sales trends in their neighborhood, and to get referral to a local contractor, and so on. Too many calls to action can sound desperate or pushy!

Instead, include one call to action in your message that speaks to the audience and topic. Ask your reader to do just one thing.

Avoid “kitchen sink” messages that go in too many directions, and you’ll find it easier to create a compelling call to action!

Use a robust CRM for real estate. Using an excellent CRM for real estate like IXACT Contact gives you a marketing advantage! With features such as customizable, automated newsletters and email marketing templates, IXACT Contact helps you manage your campaigns and build relationships with your prospects.

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