The #1 Email Marketing Mistake Made by Real Estate Agents

An effective real estate email campaign isn’t rocket science! It takes an organized lead database, good message content, compelling subject lines, solid marketing strategies and consistent effort. Of course, it helps tremendously if you have an excellent CRM for real estate!

However, even with all of these things in place, agents can struggle with lead conversion. Without lead conversion, your email campaign isn’t working for you as well as it could be.

The common reason for a lack of conversion is surprisingly simple. Many agents do not pay attention to the analytics of their email campaign.

Sophisticated CRM’s include convenient automation, enabling consistency for your email marketing campaigns. While this is highly desirable, you must still take the time to review the analytics of every email campaign you run. Your CRM can report the data, but you must read it and use it.

Reading the analytics and doing nothing with it, won’t do you much good!

Here’s what we mean. Once you’ve identified who is opening your emails, when they are opening them, and what subjects are catching their attention, you can focus on these prospects and fine-tune future campaigns.

You must leverage the strategies that resulted in opens and click-throughs, in order to increase conversion.

If you’re thinking, “What opens and click-throughs? I wish I had them!” Then blindly running more email campaigns, without changing things up, isn’t going to create a better result. Often, the problem involves poor database organization, and heavy reliance on generic messages.

Your email campaigns can lead to lasting client relationships.

The more relevant your messages are to the recipient, the more likely they are to open your messages and respond to your call to action. Paying attention to your analytics will help you get here.

So will using a robust CRM for real estate like IXACT Contact! IXACT Contact provides you with all of the tools for eye-catching messages, along with email campaign management and detailed analytics. It’s also very affordable and easy to use!

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