How to Adjust to a Changing Real Estate Environment During these Uncertain Times

At this point, you have probably been exposed to all sorts of messaging from various companies on how they are adjusting to a rapidly changing environment. While it is uncertain when things will go back to “normal,” one thing is for sure; things have changed and it is time to adapt. As a real estate agent in this ever-changing market, you need to make sure you are prepared. Your personal real estate brand is your bread and butter. Here are a few key points you can incorporate into your real estate business to make sure you adapt to anything that comes your way during this challenging time.

Re-evaluate the Way you Speak to your Prospects and Past Clients

This is a very sensitive time for everyone. Regardless of the timing however, no one wants to feel pressured, forced or interrogated. As a real estate agent, it is understandable that you need to be on top of your leads and listings. However, you also have to take a step back and look at the way you communicate with your contacts. While business may be slow at the moment, take the time to formulate a script that speaks to your leads, putting yourself in their position. Speaking to them over the phone or via email and asking them questions about how they are doing during this time is a good start as you are taking a more personal approach. You can also let them know how you have adjusted your business to fit the current situation at hand. This means being transparent with them. If you are having multiple correspondences with a lead, it is good to keep record of that. This way, when you pick up the phone to call them again, you are aware of what was discussed in your previous communication.

Do Some Spring Cleaning

This is a really good time to clean up. Whether it’s your closet, your kitchen pantry, or your office, cleaning out all of the excess clutter. The same thing applies to your database. If you are keeping notes of conversations on your desktop or even trying to get organized using an excel spreadsheet, you might feel overwhelmed. The best thing to do in order to clean up and declutter is invest in a resourceful real estate CRM. Not only will you declutter your office space, but this will also keep you organized for new clients. Since things have slowed down a bit, the best way to take advantage of this time is to revitalize your real estate business and take this as an opportunity to adapt to a more digital way of doing things.

Digitalize your Real Estate Business

Since this is the time where everyone is making sure they’re social distancing, this is also a good opportunity to transform your real estate business. While your leads and past clients are at home they have more access to phones, tablets, and computers. Why not take the opportunity to connect with them digitally? If you are overwhelmed or uncertain as to where to start, try using an automated marketing solution built in with your real estate CRM. A good way of connecting with your contacts would be to schedule an automated monthly e-newsletter to go out to them or even or even send communications to them for their birthday, a holiday or even a personal event. Now is the time when you can find more ways of connecting with your leads and past clients in more ways than just a simple email or phone call.


In this time of uncertainty, it is normal to feel overwhelmed, emotional, and unmotivated. And it is also important to see that your contacts could be feeling the same way. Take this as an opportunity to adapt to the current environment we are in. This doesn’t mean that everything has to come to a halt. Instead, find ways of reinventing yourself as a real estate agent. Being empathetic to your contacts, digitalizing your business and reorganizing your database are just a few of the simple ways you can adapt to this environment.

If you are still unsure of how to start, try out a 60-day FREE Trial of IXACT Contact Real Estate CRM and Marketing Automation Solution. You will not only be able to adjust to a new way of managing your real estate business, but there is a support system waiting on the other side to help guide you. By the end of the pandemic, you will be more organized, motivated, and optimistic, leading your real estate business to new heights.