How to Become a Top-Notch Real Estate Email Marketer in One Month or Less

real estate email marketerBy now, we all know that email marketing is a powerful way to keep in touch and connect with real estate leads and past clients. In fact, a study by ExactTarget found that 77% of people reported that they enjoy receiving emails from companies they like.

But as an Agent, how effectively are you pulling off your email marketing?

Many of the real estate professionals we know joined the industry after a successful career in another field, which means many of us didn’t necessarily complete an education in digital marketing or copywriting. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t send relevant, well written email messages to your contacts that result in better leads, more referrals and ultimately more commission.

Maybe you’re already leveraging the power of email marketing, but it’s not yielding the results you’d like. Or perhaps you find the process of email marketing daunting and aren’t sure how to get going.

The secret is: becoming a top-notch real estate email marketer isn’t as intimidating as it might seem. With the right tools and strategies, any Agent can step up their email game and reap terrific benefits – without a marketing degree!

Let’s explore how you can become a top-notch real estate email marketer in one month or less.

1. Get great content

Even if you’re a strong writer, when you’re in the midst of the busy season closing sales and collecting commissions, drafting up drip email campaigns is likely not a top priority.

Choose an email marketing platform that comes pre-loaded with great email marketing content already. If you want to make edits to campaigns, go ahead. At least the bones of the email messages will be drafted for you and ready to go.

2. Understand your prospects

Before you start sending emails far and wide, you should have a good understanding of your target audience.

Who are the contacts in your list? They’re likely a combination of past clients, hot leads, renters, FSBOs and more. A one-size-fits-all approach to these different groups won’t be highly effective. To be a top notch real estate email marketer, it’s best practice to send targeted email messages that are relevant to your different types of contacts.

Segment your prospects into groups depending on their wants and needs. That way you can send relevant and timely communications to them that will resonate.

3. Add your branding

email marketingWe know that first impressions are key. Just think about the notion of curb appeal! Make the right impression with consistent branding so your contacts recognize you across different mediums.

Use consistent colors and headers when you execute your email marketing as you do with your website, social media banners, and print collateral.

When your branding is consistent, you’ll be highly recognizable to your prospects, making them even more likely to click on an email from you that lands in their inbox.

4. Spread the news

In addition to your drip marketing campaigns, sending out a monthly e-Newsletter to your contacts is an ideal way to stay in touch and position yourself as an expert on all things related to home ownership.

A well-written newsletter will provide your contacts with value, so they’ll actually look forward to receiving it in their inbox.

Again, like we covered in step 1, strong content is key. Most Agents don’t have the time to research, draft, edit, and design a quality real estate newsletter every month. Choose a real estate CRM solution that comes with a professional monthly e-Newsletter that you can automatically send to your contacts. That way, you’re delivering value while saving more time.

5. Gain insight into what’s working

Knowledge is power. When you can see how your real estate email marketing campaigns are performing, you can better understand the types of emails your contacts respond to. Then you can use this information to optimize your email marketing strategy going forward.

Email Campaign Reporting is a powerful way to help you understand more about your campaigns. You’ll see what’s working and what isn’t so you can hone your campaigns over time for maximum effectiveness.

With this reporting feature, you’ll gain insight into total and unique email opens, clicks, bounce-backs and more! These statistics can let you look at your email strategy as a whole, allowing you to see not only how many people are opening your communications, but interacting with them as well. Armed with this insight, you’ll understand which email messages and subject lines perform the best. Additionally, you will be able to see the optimal time to send emails to your contact list.

Can you make it happen in a month?

Are you skeptical about whether you can action all these tips and become a top notch real estate email marketer in just one month?

You can!

When you use IXACT Contact, you can be sending professionally written, targeted emails to your contacts within a day of signing up.

After your contact list is uploaded to the real estate CRM by a support rep, you can begin assigning your contacts to drip email campaigns that are relevant to them. Your emails will be sent out automatically.

Your e-Newsletter will arrive automatically each month in your contacts’ inboxes branded with your header.

After a month of your campaigns running, you’ll gain valuable insight into how your messages are performing thanks to Email Campaign Reporting.

Don’t wait any longer. Step up your communications today and you’ll be a top notch real estate email marketer in less than a month! Start your FREE trial now!

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