How to Kick Start your Real Estate Career on the Right Foot


Don’t you just love new beginnings?  You’re filled with ambition and hope, ready to embark on a fresh new chapter of your life, it’s so exciting!  Maybe you’re getting ready to begin a new career in real estate, or perhaps you’re a seasoned agent who can recall the thrill of the early days.  Either way, there are a few key things to keep in mind as you start your real estate career (or keep it going). Here’s how to kick start your real estate career on the right foot:

Start in control, and stay in control.

In the early days of your real estate career, it’s especially important to build good habits that will carry on for years to come.  Build yourself an organized foundation so you don’t make mistakes like losing someone’s contact information or forgetting about an appointment.

A real estate CRM is the best way to help you stay in control of your work day.  Appointment reminders, automated emails, and a handy task list are just a few of the ways that a CRM helps you ensure nothing falls through the cracks.  And if you’re a veteran Agent who needs to regain control of your work-day details, it’s never too late to start using a CRM!

Find a mentor, or a community of mentors.

A career as a real estate agent requires you to be highly motivated.  Agents often work for themselves, which takes an extra measure of drive and determination!  Even the best “go-getter” will have days where they need a little inspiration, and that’s where your community comes in.

Take advantage of Facebook groups, ActiveRain and the colleagues at your brokerage by asking questions.  Established agents are a wealth of knowledge and are often happy to share their insight with a real estate rookie.  Participating in the real estate community is a terrific way to gain wisdom and motivation when you’re working on your own.

Prepare for the slow season.

Do you remember the story of the grasshopper that sang all summer and was left with nothing to eat when winter came? Take note! This fable applies to your career too.  While it might feel like the real estate business is feast or famine, there are strategies you can use to keep your business booming year round.

On average, a buyer is actively looking for a home for between three and six months, which means that if you got a new client tomorrow, they may still be months away from ready to make a move.  Prime the pump by continuing to prospect in your busy months to fill the pipeline for when things quiet down. Make the time to prospect, understanding that it can be a long-term process before those prospects become leads and clients. Follow this crucial step and you’ll be well on your way to kick starting your real estate career on the right foot!

Build your database every day.

We mentioned the importance of starting good habits early in your career, and this is one that we can’t stress enough.  Set a goal of adding one new contact to your database each day. These are people you can follow up with for referrals or even for direct business in the future.

It may sound daunting, but adding new contacts can be as simple as offering to keep someone informed on home-ownership and requesting their contact information.  Sincerely offering them value is key when it comes to requesting someone’s phone number or email address.  Make this habit a part of your daily interactions and watch your database grow!

Many prospects will begin their search for an Agent on the web, so make sure you’re there to be found! A well designed Agent Website will help you establish your presence and generate leads online. Furthermore, a website that looks professional and reflects your personal brand will build credibility.

The good news is that an effective website doesn’t have to be expensive! IXACT Contact offers affordable, easy to use Agent Websites that look beautiful, and drive results.

Don’t be forgotten.

In the midst of prospecting phone calls, listing appointments, open houses and community events, your keep in touch efforts may fall by the wayside. Don’t let this happen! The frightening truth is that many clients claim they would use the same Agent again, but simply don’t because they can’t recall their agent’s name! Don’t let that happen to you.

Establish a web presence.

Be memorable by keeping in touch with your database on a regular basis through a Monthly e-Newsletter, direct mail, drip email campaigns and phone calls now and then.  Your real estate CRM can automate many of these tasks, making you look like a keep-in-touch pro with minimal effort!

Keep smiling!

While I hope the vast majority of your days as an Agent are good ones, we’re all sure to have a tough day now and then.  Try to remember why you entered this career in the first place, think positive, and carry on! These are especially good days to call a mentor or  log in to ActiveRain for some inspiration.  Onward and upward!

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