How to Integrate Digital Reminders into Your Business

Post it papers flying out from laptop

For real estate agents, staying organized doesn’t just mean keeping your appointments and being on time. Being organized is all about efficiency, and the more efficient you are, the more productive your business is, resulting in value add time that is more likely to lead to sales.

While our entire world is now digitized, many business professionals still juggle using smart phones with paper reminders like a calendar diary or post-it-note to-do lists. Others have gone completely digital, but aren’t using the best technology or apps to keep them on track. It’s easy for real estate agents to forget the topics of past client conversations, follow-up on new leads, and stay on top of the details of a sale, when all of their information isn’t managed in one place.

Realize the benefits of centralized digital organization

By using one integrated system, like a real estate CRM, agents have an easier time managing their business, staying in touch with clients, building relationships and attracting more referrals. Going digital is easy and rewarding, but the first step is understanding how to integrate digital reminders into your day to day business.

Here are 3 ways that digital reminders will help you stay on track and in control

  1. Stay organized with automated task and appointment reminders

Unlike paper reminders, which you need to remember to check in the first place, digital reminders are automated, and will function like your own personal assistant, keeping you on track throughout your day. While paper reminders only prompt you to do something, without providing all the details you need in one place, automated digital tasks and appointment reminders come with all the information you need, at the click of a button, to take the next step. Built into your real estate CRM, task and appointment reminders provide the most current information at your fingertips, so that you don’t have to spend time searching for your client’s contact history.

  1. Build better relationships with Keep in Touch reminders

With appointments, showings and a long list of inquiries, it’s easy for real estate agents to forget client birthdays, move-in anniversaries and communications history. Using IXACT Contact, agents won’t miss the chance to send their clients greeting e-cards, that help build stronger relationships. With Keep in Touch call reminders, agents can mass assign call reminders over hundreds of clients, saving hours of time managing their contact database. By using digital reminders, agents are able to maintain personal relationships with hundreds of clients – something that otherwise wouldn’t be possible without a CRM.

  1. Create automatic follow-up tasks from your phone

Stay on top of your “to dos” from anywhere with cloud-based technology and Mobile CRM. By using a mobile friendly CRM, agents can stay on top of their task list from anywhere and with one tap, they can set automatic prompts to create follow-up tasks immediately after meeting with a client. IXACT Contact’s CRM App is like having a personal assistant in your pocket, and it allows you to respond quickly and stay connected with your clients at anytime, anywhere. Agents can even assign new contacts to drip marketing campaigns and their monthly e-newsletter right from the CRM App.

Digitally integrating your contacts, calendar and to dos really is the only way to make your life easier and business smoother when managing a full contact list of clients and leads. Not only will you be using your time more efficiently, but you will also have the time to plan ahead and set goals to take your business to the next level.

Stay in touch, build relationships and manage your business in the most productive way.

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