How to Make the Most of Your Real Estate Website

Your real estate website is one of the things that represent you and your business. You want your website to tell a story, contain helpful information, and show that you are the go-to person in your community or specialty market.  


The branding you have on your website is crucial because it should represent you and stand out with specific colors, themes, slogans – whatever you want to do to showcase you and your business! You also want to match your branding across all print and digital marketing. You want to stand out from other agents in your area. If your website is cookie-cutter like everyone else in your brokerage, it would be difficult for someone to know that you are the agent they need.  

About Me Page

You want to have an About Me page on your website. This page should tell the story of you and your business.  People like to know about someone before hiring them.  Think about it, would you hire someone for such an important transaction without knowing a little bit about them and how they do business first?

Add a Blog

Blogs are another important part of your real estate website. If you enjoy what you do, like to talk about it, and want to share your knowledge with others, write a real estate blog! Keep a few basic concepts in mind and jump right in. There are ways to get help from the community, too. If you hear the same questions time after time, take those questions and make them into blog posts. You can position yourself as the local real estate expert by posting regularly about the transaction process and local market trends.  

Community Pages

Community pages can be a great source of information for people visiting your website. On these pages, you can have area searches and information about the community. Include links for weather, events, landmarks, etc. These are great because they allow someone to get a feel for a specific community instead of just one specific house.

Testimonials Page

Since we live in a world where most people rely on referrals and reviews, you should have a testimonials page on your website. A testimonials page allows people to find out how you interacted and solved problems/roadblocks along the way.  Testimonials can sometimes be challenging to get, but consistently stay in contact with past clients (without bugging them) if you need more testimonials.  Video testimonials would be great also as research shows people like watching videos more than just reading text.

IDX Property Search

Other things you can have on your website include an IDX Property Search (very helpful for people who are looking for a home), buyer resources and information for sellers too.  Always remember to ask yourself a couple of questions when creating your website. What would I find helpful if I were looking to buy or sell a home? What kind of information would I find valuable enough to return to someone’s website multiple times? What types of things would I like to see on my real estate agent’s website? Answering these can help you build a resourceful website people will see as full of valuable information.

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