Do you need a Real Estate Website?

8 MIN READ   As a real estate professional, you know searching for real estate-related information on the Internet has become an important part of the home buying process. Whether it’s to find an agent, view listings or educate themselves about real estate, home buyers are exploring online content more frequently to find what they […]

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Why your Agent Website Might be Overlooked

It has been reported that over 240 million unique internet users visited real Agent websites (RealTrends).  Many real estate agents focus time and energy on getting as many visitors on their website as possible, in hopes of getting as many leads as possible. Agents often get discouraged when they invest time and money into a […]

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Best Tips for Driving Traffic to your Real Estate Website

Creating your real estate website is an exciting process. You carefully choose the look and craft the content. Following this, you send your beautiful new website out into the world wide web. But then what? If you’re not driving traffic to your real estate website, what good is its elegant design and terrific listings? Setting […]

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Go Responsive: Why a Mobile Website Matters

In the last year, more than half of all internet usage worldwide was on mobile devices, more than 70% of Americans accessed the internet using a smartphone, and rates of “near me” searches have doubled. Studies have also shown that people who use mobile search to make a decision are 40% more likely to make […]

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Blogging Bloopers for Real Estate Agents to Avoid

There are a lot of good reasons to have a real estate blog. It helps establish you as an active member of the real estate community, can boost your search engine ranking, and helps you stay top of mind with your real estate leads and past clients. Since many real estate professionals recognize the importance […]

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Do You Need a Mobile Responsive Website?

mobile friendly realtor website

Are you wondering if your real estate agent website needs to be mobile responsive or not? The decision is up to you – but the statistics don’t lie. As of July 2015, 80 percent of Internet users own a smartphone. And yes, you can bet that many of them have used their smartphones to conduct […]

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