Instagram for Real Estate Agents: Top Accounts to Follow Today

As a real estate agent, you are always on your phone. Answering calls, replying to emails and then all of your other time gets occupied by social media. If you have Instagram already, we have compiled a list of a few top real estate accounts to follow today. Whether you are looking for inspiration, motivational quotes, interesting photography, or humor, these real estate accounts are key to getting you off on the right foot for the day:

1. The CE Shop 

The CE Shop is a useful account for all real estate agent. Whether you are just getting into real estate or you are looking for continuing education, this is where you should go. Their Instagram page is flooded with industry-related videos, links to podcasts, and links to educational resources such as ebooks and articles on real estate.

2. Zillow

Zillow is your ultimate go-to spot for lead-generation. However, following Zillow on Instagram is not only beneficial for those who have Zillow. In fact, following their Instagram account will show you how to market your listings in a catchy and fun way. Forget about boring, mundane verbiage. Zillow’s Instagram comes bearing tons of interesting ideas on how to write content for your listings and create neat DIY photos. You will get lots of inspiration just by scrolling through their account. What’s even better is that you can integrate your Zillow account into your IXACT Contact Real Estate CRM. The two come hand in hand!

3. NAR Realtor

It is no surprise that NAR Realtor has over 167,000 followers on Instagram. The National Association of Realtors, comprised of 1.4 million members all over the country, has its very own Instagram account. By following this account, you will be first to get notified of any real estate-related statistics, facts, upcoming workshops, webinars, and events.

4. Hawai’i Life

This is an interesting one. Hawai’i Life contains images of not only exquisitely beautiful scenery and homes in Hawai’i, but also gives you ideas of how to indirectly market a listing. Unlike many accounts that will hard sell properties, this account does things in a more subliminal way. With over 11,700 followers on Instagram, it’s clear that many industry professionals, prospects, and overall Instagram users are attracted to this page.

5. The Broke Agent

Do you want to have a good laugh? Or better yet, are you the only real estate agent in your group of friends and find that nobody understands your lifestyle? The Broke Agent is an account on Instagram containing over 2,500 posts on real estate. Here you will find memes, videos, and tweets, all related to real estate! After a long day, pour yourself a glass of wine, scroll through their page, and just unwind!

6. Sweat Brah

Talk about amazing photography! Sweat Brah is an Instagram account run by an accomplished photographer and realtor, Matthew Sweat. Following this account will give you visual ideas of how you should position your listings. You don’t have to be a professional at this, but at least you will pick up a few tips you can apply to your own page. What makes this even cooler is that this account mixes a bit of personal with professional. It also contains neat captions too!

7. IXACT Contact

We’ve saved our favorite one for last. Maybe it’s a little biased, but we also hope you check out and follow our page. We are revamping our Instagram page with modern, relevant, and fun material. Our account will give you the inside scoop on upcoming webinars, events, promotions, campaigns, and tips. We will also give you some inspirational messages every Monday to get you going!


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FEATURED IMAGE: Courtesy of Sweat Brah Instagram Page.