IXACT Contact’s Releases New Keep in Touch Capabilities for Agents

UntitledThe real estate CRM’s new features make it easier than ever for Agents to keep in touch with prospects and past clients.

IXACT Contact announced the release of new Keep in Touch functionality in the company’s real estate CRM.  Real estate agents who prioritize keeping in touch with prospects, past clients, and important referral sources will enjoy the added value of IXACT Contact’s expanded Keep in Touch features.  The new release makes it easier than ever for agents to stay top of mind with all the people who are critical to the growth of their business.

Customers of IXACT Contact have long enjoyed the automated birthday reminders, prompting agents to reach out and wish their primary contact well on their special day.  With this new release, automated birthday reminders can also be applied to spouse/ partner birth dates, offering real estate agents another opportunity to make contact.  The new Keep in Touch feature set also includes an automated move-in anniversary reminder so that the Agent is prompted to congratulate past clients on another year in their home.  Both the birthday and home anniversary reminders are customizable, allowing the user to choose how and when they are reminded of their contact’s special day.

To further assist Agents with keeping in touch, IXACT Contact has also released pre-configured call reminders.  With a single click an agent can create an automated reminder to give a chosen contact a call bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.  In addition to seeing their Keep in Touch reminders in their calendar or task list, agents can also choose to receive them via email.

Keeping in touch is integral to a real estate sales professional’s success.  Research found that agents lose 20% of their clients annually due to attrition, with the most common reason being that the agent failed to keep in touch (Outbound Engine, 2014).  These lost clients can represent tens of thousands of dollars in lost referral and repeat business.  Recognizing the significance of regular communication, IXACT Contact continues to equip users with easy-to-use, customizable keep in touch features to protect against the loss of client relationships and future business.

These new keep in touch capabilities enhance the existing features that IXACT Contact customers are already using with success, including the company’s automated monthly e-Newsletter and targeted drip email campaigns.  While email marketing is an important part of a real estate agent’s keep in touch strategy, these new features provide an even more personal way to build relationships with prospects and past clients by reaching out on their special days and speaking on the phone on a regular basis.

“The new features IXACT Contact released today will take agents’ keep in touch strategy to the next level,” says Rich Gaasenbeek, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, IXACT Contact, “The system works like a personal assistant, reminding the agent of special occasions, like birthdays and home anniversaries, and when it’s time to pick up the phone, say hello, and catch up with prospects and past clients.”

About IXACT Contact Solutions Inc.

IXACT Contact® is an easy-to-use web-based real estate CRM and real estate marketing system that helps Agents build lasting relationships with past clients, hot prospects and important referral sources. IXACT Contact makes it easy to maintain full contact profiles and to stay in touch with clients in a way that’s personalized, relevant and timely. With IXACT Contact, real estate agents can convert more leads into listings and attract more referrals and repeat business. Real estate sales and real estate prospecting become easy. Real estate marketing is also a snap with IXACT Contact’s personalized mass email, drip marketing, real estate newsletter, and Email Campaign Reporting features. The Active Business side of the system helps Agents keep control of transactions by managing all the to-do’s associated with listings and buyers. Sign up for a free five week trial today.