How to Get Real Estate Testimonials and Where to Use Them

cropped9How often have you turned to the web to read reviews of a trendy restaurant or a hotel you’re considering visiting?  If you’re anything like the majority of consumers out there, you read reviews and testimonials pretty regularly, and guess what? Your real estate prospects do too.

Social proof is a relatively new term describing what happens when we read positive comments about a product or service we’re considering paying for.  It’s like the online equivalent of seeing a long queue outside a restaurant… you can’t help but think, “Wow, people really love that place.  I should try it.”

Are you leveraging testimonials as the social proof your prospects need to confirm that you’re the best Agent for them?  Here are some of the best ways to get strong real estate testimonials:

1. Hold a contest for past clients

Many satisfied customers are happy to provide you with a testimonial, but if you offer them a chance to win something, they’ll be even happier to oblige!  Use your real estate CRM to send a mass email to all past clients asking them to provide you with a testimonial about their experience with you as their Agent.  Let them know that those who contribute will be entered in a draw for a gift card at a local restaurant (or another prize of your choosing).  Be sure to let contestants know that you’ll be using their testimonial in your real estate marketing materials.

2. “Listen” on social media

Facebook and Twitter are valuable platforms for collecting real estate marketing ideas, connecting with prospects and sharing your personal brand.  When you get a positive comment from a past client send them a thank you note and ask them if they would agree to you using their comment as a testimonial.  Even if this wasn’t their original intention most people will agree to you repurposing their comment in your marketing materials.

3. Survey clients on their experience

When all is said and done and your clients are happily residing in their new home, ask them if they’re willing to fill in a short survey on their experience with you as their Agent.  You can create a simple questionnaire with questions, and include a portion where they can enter their own comments.  This will offer you insight into your business’s strengths and weaknesses, plus positive comments can be spun into testimonials with permission from your clients.

Once you’ve collected testimonials from your past clients, it’s time to start sharing them with your prospects!  Your website is a logical place to post testimonials, but that’s just the beginning.  Share your social proof by posting it on Facebook, tweeting it to your followers, including it in your mass emails or email signatures, and adding them to Just Listed/ Just Sold e-Flyers.  Testimonials are powerful proof of your success as an Agent, so share them everywhere you can!

The takeaway

Testimonials act as social proof reassuring prospects that you’re a reputable real estate professional.  Think outside the box when it comes to gathering comments from happy clients and spread the word by adding testimonials to your marketing materials and social media channels.