Looking for a Real Estate CRM for Your Mac and iPad?

‘Tis the season for giving and receiving gifts, and some of the hottest gifts year after year are Apple products.

Maybe you requested a new Macbook or iPad from a loved one, or  maybe you gifted one to yourself. Either way, as a business minded real estate agent, you’ll be wondering which real estate CRM is best for Mac and iPad users.

The truth is that most of the CRMs on the market have been designed with PC mind. We know that even with a lot of searching, real estate agent software for Mac users can be hard to find.  Read on to discover what makes IXACT Contact a perfect CRM for Mac and iPad users. Here are three things to think about when considering IXACT Contact.

1. It’s “fully” Mac and iPad compatible.

It’s important that the CRM you choose is 100% Mac and iPad compatible. A lot of real estate agent software claims to be “almost” Apple compatible, but has some features that only work on PCs. This isn’t a risk you want to take with something as importatnt as your contacts. You’ll also want to ensure that the system is fully supported by all major browsers, such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and IE.

2. It syncs instantly and wirelessly with your iPhone, iCal and Mac Address Book.

When you’re able to wirelessly sync your CRM, iPhone, iCal, and Mac Address Book together in a seamless four-way sync, your life becomes a lot easier! Whichever CRM you choose, make sure it syncs with the devices and programs you’re using. If it can sync directly to your iPhone’s built-in contact list, task list, and calendar, that’s even better. It’s all about convenience, saving you time, and accessibility.

3. It was designed to mimic Apple’s look and feel.

The look and feel of IXACT Contact is inspired by the clean, simple, and aesthetically appealing design you experience with Apple. In fact, many of our customers have told us that IXACT Contact “feels” like a program that was designed by Apple.  Intuitive, clean and fresh, IXACT Contact is a terrific fit for Mac and iPad users!