Common Misconceptions about Real Estate Contact Management

3833835408_12_Common_Misconceptions_about_Content_Marketing_xlargeYou may have heard some things through the grapevine about real estate contact management. Maybe some of what you’ve heard is contradictory or confusing and you aren’t sure what to believe. Either way, there are certain misconceptions about real estate contact management that need to be cleared up.

We’re here to do just that. Let’s start:

Misconception: Having a CRM is more work than it’s worth.

Truth: You may be intimidated about the initial set up process for a CRM. Sure, setup can seem daunting, but with the right team by your side, it can be a breeze. For example, the support team at IXACT Contact goes above and beyond to ensure your CRM setup goes off without a hitch and your contacts are all imported properly. Oftentimes we have our clients’ contacts loaded into their CRM in less than a day, starting you off on the right foot!

Misconception: A CRM is best for someone who’s technologically savvy.

Truth: It doesn’t take a computer whiz to use (and benefit from) a real estate CRM. There are terrific contact management systems out there that have the perfect mix of tools and simplicity. For example, IXACT Contact’s CRM is powerful enough to do what you need without being overwhelming or complicated to use.  It’s known in the industry as the easist to use real estate CRM.

Misconception: I just don’t have enough time to use a real estate CRM.

Truth: We get it – you’re already short on time and dealing with a hectic schedule. Most real estate professionals are. But if your CRM is adding to your stress and workload, it’s clearly the wrong type of CRM for you. It should be taking work off your plate, not adding to it. Task reminders, automated emails and simple contact management will make your workload lighter so you can focus on open houses, client meetings and the rest of your busy schedule.

Misconception: It all comes down to leads – and a CRM isn’t going to help me get them.

Truth: Do you realize how important referrals are to generating quality leads? Referral marketing is a huge aspect of real estate marketing that you can’t ignore – in fact, a big portion of your marketing tactics should involve being “top of mind” among past clients. The right CRM makes it possible to do so. It’ll help you keep in touch with old contacts through customized newsletters, activity plans and emails. This will keep you on their mind, build and maintain relationships and result in more leads through referrals.

No matter what you may believe about real estate contact management, it’s important to have the facts. Understand the debunked misconceptions above and see how a real estate CRM, like IXACT Contact, can increase your revenue today.