One Easy Way to Build Client Loyalty

Real Estate Marketing: 3 Ways to Get More TestimonialsThere’s a good chance you work hard to keep in touch and build relationships over time with your past clients and sphere of influence (SOI). You’ve comitted to using a real estate contact management software and are using it to send out a monthly e-Newsletter and actively promote your just listeds and just solds.

But in addition to everything you’re already doing, there’s one big loyalty builder and value-add that you may be missing.

You should be offering to do a pre-home staging inspection.

This is where you go through the property and provide tips and suggestions for making the home more sales ready.

You’ve likely heard of home staging. It’s the process of making a home — especially the furnishings and décor — welcoming, appealing, and attractive to potential buyers.

According to statistics from various sources in the real estate industry, a well staged home can sell faster and for more money. So staging is well worth the effort.

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Very few homeowners know anything about staging, beyond such rudimentary tips as cleaning and de-cluttering. So offering a pre-home staging inspection is a valuable service for them.

Offering a pre-home staging inspection further positions you as a helpful and knowledgeable “home expert.” It demonstrates to real estate leads and clients that you are committed to selling their home quickly and at the best price, while making the process smooth and easy for them.

Ultimately, this helps you build client loyalty — which is what Referral & Repeat Marketing is all about.

You don’t have to be a home staging expert to do a pre-home staging inspection. There are plenty of books, plus numerous websites, that will provide you with the basics.

A pre-home staging inspection usually takes less than half an hour. But the benefits are significant. Clients remember the great service — service they would not expect from most other Agents. And, your job is easier because the house shows better, making it sell faster and perhaps for more money!

Takeaway point: Put together a list of home staging tips. Then start offering to do your own pre-home staging inspections.