10 Real Estate Contact Management Tips Every Agent Should Know

10 Real Estate Contact Management Tips Every Agent Should KnowBelow are 10 key real estate contact management facts every Agent should know. What you’ll read has been pulled from various articles on our popular blog, The Real Estate Contact Management & Marketing Blog. Enjoy:

1. Maximize the chances your email marketing will get through by using a dedicated email service provider (ESP). A good real estate CRM will utilize a dedicated ESP, which will really help your deliverability rates.

2. Host client appreciation events and housewarming parties. They’re great loyalty builders and they’ll give you an opportunity to meet some new real estate leads.

3. Google Plus is the second largest social media channel with 343 million active users. As an Agent, you should have a Google Plus page to maximize the likelihood of being found in search engines. Click here to read more.

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4. Send out an e-Newsletter to your clients as a way to keep in touch. Remember, if you’re not keeping in touch, you’re lowering the likelihood that these clients will call you when they need an Agent and/ or refer you to others. The best real estate contact management systems will come with a professionally designed and written monthly e-Newsletter (that’s real estate specific, of course).

5. Use listing and closing Activity Plans to ensure no detail falls through the cracks in the process of listing and closing a home. Your real estate contact management system will prompt you when you need to complete that important task.

6. Never forget the impact of a good, old fashioned real estate thank you card. The magic of a thank you card is that just about everyone who receives it reads it. Many will keep the card for a period of time, perhaps even posting it on the family place of honor — the fridge door. Times when it’s appropriate to say “thanks” with a card: when a client or other referral source gives you a referral, when you’ve completed a listing presentation, when a client attends one of your client appreciation events, and more.

7. Place a lead capture form on your website and make sure this form automatically captures leads into your contact management system. This will make it easy for prospects to contact you right “there and then” while they’re on your site. Once they do, you won’t have to do the work of adding their contact details into your CRM.

8. View email campaign reports to identify your hot leads and improve your real estate marketing moving forward. Most dedicated email marketing systems have campaign reports and the Email Campaign Reporting feature is available with IXACT Contact’s real estate contact management software.

9. Prepare “success stories” to wow your real estate leads. Stories are easier to remember, and often have much more impact than facts and figures. Success stories ignite the imagination and let us “see” the benefits. And remember, when you get a new lead, be sure to assign it to a drip marketing program to ensure it’s not forgotten about, even if the lead isn’t ready to buy or sell right away.

10. Make it well-known that you value referrals and that it’s how you build your business. Write it in your email signature, in your real estate marketing materials, on your website, and anywhere else you can think of that may be appropriate.