What Real Estate Agents can Learn About Digital Marketing from Other Industries

Using digital marketing to grow your real estate business means constantly being on the lookout for what’s new; after all, digital marketing is constantly evolving. Checking out what works for other industries and companies is a great source of ideas, and can help you stay ahead of the curve.

Here are just a few real estate marketing ideas from other types of businesses that you can add to your arsenal.

Set Your Listing Copy Apart – As you write copy for your listings, take a cue from shopping sites like Amazon. Add some emotional appeal to your copy to set your listings apart. Instead of a “complete kitchen” make it a “gourmet kitchen”. Keep it concise and to-the-point so people can consume it quickly.

Use a Gated Offer to Build a Database of Contacts – Have you ever been to a site that offers a free eBook? This is a common practice among companies that sell business-to-business. They promote their eBook as a practical, useful resource; in order to download it, you provide your email address. You can build your email database in a similar manner by offering something, such as a home evaluation report or “Tips for Staging Your Home”, in exchange for an email You can drive traffic there (and grow your database over time) by sharing and promoting your offer on social media.

Drip Marketing Email Campaigns – You probably get regular emails from travel companies, shopping sites and real estate industry sites, among others. Even if you don’t read them, they’ve built awareness of their brand and what they offer, simply through their presence in your inbox. Using the database of contacts you’ve built through your offer, the same can happen for your real estate

Use More Videos – Do what big businesses like IBM and Google do and get more granular with your video You don’t have their budgets, but you can use videos for more than virtual tours. Find a feature of a house and create a video around just that feature or offer a tour of nearby amenities for each neighborhood or community you serve.

Livestream – Many businesses, especially retail outlets, make an event out of a product launch or grand opening by livestreaming them on Facebook or Instagram. Real estate marketing offers many opportunities for this, from announcing that a home is just now on the market as you put your “for sale” sign in place, to attending home shows or even broadcasting your open

Add Testimonials – Local businesses, including realtors, are often not widely known and they need to quickly develop trust and familiarity with their brands and service. Real client testimonials, added to your website, social media channels and email messages, are trusted by over 80% of your online The easiest way to get them is simply to ask!

Bonus Tip: Don’t be afraid to ask satisfied clients for a video testimonial.

Get a CRM – It’s difficult to find any business that has a sales team, or maintains a client database for sales and marketing, that isn’t using a customer relationship management program. A CRM will allow you to track and manage your real estate leads, active listings and marketing programs, including email drip marketing, and will help you do it much more efficiently than trying to do it all

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