Real Estate CRMs Versus General-Purpose CRMs

Real Estate CRMs vs General Purpose CRMsWondering what’s the best CRM for real estate?

Unsure of the difference between a generic CRM and a real estate CRM?

Think all CRMs are created equal?

Why a Real Estate CRM is so Important

Let’s face it, there are a lot of CRM options out there. But not all of them are created equal, especially when thinking about the unique needs of Agents. Real estate agents need a system specifically designed for them; they need a real estate CRM, not just a general-purpose one.

A real estate CRM, such as IXACT Contact, is designed from the ground up particularly for you, as an Agent. All of the email and letter templates are real estate specific. There is a transaction management module. The reports are all Agent-centric. There are listing and closing Activity Plans. And drip marketing campaigns created to help you convert your leads into listings. “One size fits all” CRMs, such as Zoho, Salesforce, and ACT! don’t have these important features.

Essential CRM Considerations 

We speak with agents all the time who don’t realize that there’s even a distinction between the two types of CRMs. Some think ALL CRMs are very similar, including Microsoft Outlook (which technically isn’t a CRM. More about that here).  At the end of the day, before making a purchase decision or prior to switching from one system to another, you need to compare apples to apples. Ask these key questions:

1. Is the CRM specifically designed for real estate agents?

2. What are the key features that can help me in my real estate business?

– Important ones include: listing and closing Activity Plans, drip marketing campaigns, a professionally written and designed real estate e-Newsletter, Email Campaign Reporting, and transaction management.

3. How easy to use is the CRM? You may want to search for user reviews online.

4. Is Customer Support via phone and email included or does that cost extra? What’s the typical wait time when calling into the Support line?

5. Am I locked into a contract or can I cancel at any time?

6. Will the CRM work with Mac and the iPad or other tablets?

Think about it. How much more value do you think you’ll get from a CRM that’s designed specifically for your business (again think IXACT Contact or Top Producer)? There are a ton of features you’ll be missing out on when you choose to go with a generic type of CRM.

I hope this article has helped you in deciding which CRM to use and making an informed buying decision. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I’ll respond right away!