Real Estate Tips for Success by Top Performing Agent

Bill-ParnabyOur friends and partners at Morris Marketing Group interviewed top performing agent, Bill Parnaby, and asked him to share with us his marketing tips. Read the interview to learn some of Bill’s tips on how to reach success.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself, including your years of real estate experience, your education background, and where you practice real estate.

Education: Undergrad in Biology and Physical Education from Wilfred Laurier University.

Experience: Over 25 years in real estate.

Practice: In the town of Caledon, just North of Toronto. 

What were your challenges before turning to Morris Real Estate Marketing Group?

I have been with Morris Real Estate Marketing Group for at least a decade, if not longer.

My biggest challenge that The Referral Marketing System addressed was my inability to stay in-touch with my database.

Morris Real Estate Marketing Group offers a strategic solution to contact my database on an on-going regular basis in a way that is friendly and not invasive, while it is very consistent.

What was your decision making process like when searching for a solution to your challenges?

I wanted a form of direct mail newsletter communication.  When I began coaching with Richard Robbins, I tipped the scale and realized that I needed to commit to a system, so I got The Referral Marketing System.

I liked everything about the product; the presentation, the flexibility. The Referral Marketing System provided all the elements that I thought were important, such as customization, branding, automation through IXACT Contact, and it was very simple to manage.

In the real estate world there is too much going on, you cannot have a cumbersome marketing process. The Referral Marketing System was an easy step and an easy process.

What made The Referral Marketing System from Morris Real estate Marketing Group stand out from our competitors? Why did you choose us?

I met with the consulting team and I really liked them. They were very friendly and helpful. In addition, the rest of the Morris Real Estate Marketing Group staff has been very helpful and the customer service provided is exceptional.

It was very clear to me from the start that they had the agents’ best interest in mind.

Moreover, the way the direct mail newsletter is getting written is very much to my liking and taste, it was not a template; it is more suited to my style, and who I am as a person.

The material in the direct mail newsletter is very well written, and the information is very helpful for my customers.

I also like the fact that I have control over some of the creative, so I can choose and pick and customize the newsletter to exactly what I want, and I am able to better serve my clients.

What were the specific goals you hoped The Referral Marketing System would accomplish?

My goal was to promote referrals, and The Referral Marketing System certainly has generated a significant amount of referrals.

In fact, 85% of my business is repeat and referral business, and this is a direct result of keeping in-touch through The Referral Marketing System.

I was looking for a product that is versatile and The Referral Marketing System offers a great deal of both versatility, and customization. For instance, I use my ability to customize the newsletter to provide social proof and recognition to referral business by recognizing those that refer to me in the newsletter. I thank people that refer others in the newsletter, so I recognize my clients, and what they do for me.

Customization is another key feature that I like about The Referral Marketing System. I use it to promote people in my database, such as other businesses and other potential suppliers, which has resulted in more networking for my database, thus generating referrals for other services and people in my database.

I offer added value to my clients and database, at no cost to them. This in return makes my clients and overall my database even more loyal to me, and my team. I have now become their go-to guy for everything, not just real estate, but other services as well. I am the hub and provide many different resources, and recommendations to my clients.

For instance, I recommend a variety of services including landscape, roofing manufacturers, fitness training, chiropractic, electrician, anything that my clients do for a living is utilized in the newsletter. I continue to add and rotate new people, and services in my newsletter.

Please describe the results you have seen since turning to Morris Real Estate Marketing Group.

Prior to The Referral Marketing System my business was 45% repeat and referral and now it’s’ 85%.

The direct mail newsletter has increased my business anywhere between 25-40%.

The direct mail newsletter provides the awareness and complements the rest of the marketing that I do.

This year alone, The Referral Marketing System has generated 35 transactions, in just 6 months.

What is the single biggest impact The Referral Marketing System has made for you?

The Referral Marketing System has provided some consistency and certainty within my database for the number of transactions that I can count on every year that are derived from repeat and referral business.

The Referral Marketing System is consistent and efficient. I don’t have to think about it, it’s all taken care of for me.

Please summarize your experience working with Morris Real Estate Marketing Group.

The experience has been exceptional, gratifying, and very personable. Everything that needs to get fixed, Morris Real Estate Marketing Group fixes it.

They have looked after me and taken very good care of me for the past 12 years. If an issue came up, it was never my problem, Morris Real Estate Marketing Group has taken it off my hands and resolved any issue that may have arisen along the way, which is exceptional.

What advice do you have for other real estate professionals who are considering The Referral Marketing System?

Don’t consider it, just do it!

Don’t even consider the cost factor, it’s not a cost it’s an investment in your business and its worth it 100%.

The easiest marketing decision you should make, above and beyond anything else.

Agents, turn yourselves over to Morris Real Estate Marketing Group because you will be looked after really well.

What is one piece of real estate marketing wisdom you have learned throughout this process?

Make sure that your marketing is:

  1. Automated.
  2. Consistent.
  3. Personable.