5 Things a REALTOR Should Never Say to Leads

things a realtor should never say

Do you ever look back on a conversation and wish you had said something differently? It happens to the best of us. When you’re communicating with real estate leads and past clients, it can be challenging to handle every conversation perfectly. But being aware of what you’re saying (or not saying) can help you begin […]

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The 3 Best Ways to Get More Real Estate Testimonials

top performing realtor

Real estate testimonials from your happy clients are a powerful business-building tool. In fact, they’re one of the best credibility indicators in your real estate marketing arsenal. Real estate leads expect you to be biased but they trust that other buyers and sellers will tell it like it is. That’s why testimonials are so powerful; […]

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5 Ideas for Breathing Life into Tired Real Estate Marketing

real estate marketing

Keeping real estate marketing fresh can be a challenge for many agents. Today I’m sharing a blog post with you by Gregory Kiep that orginally appeared on Inman. Gregory offers 5 actionable ideas for breathing new life into tired real estate marketing. Gregory writes: The number of real estate agents in the market in 2016 […]

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How to Master Real Estate Marketing Offline

real estate marketing offline

Are you feeling good about your online real estate marketing? Maybe you’re already sending out targeted emails and have a real estate website complete with a blog. If you’re still working on some of these elements, check out last week’s post Online Marketing Tactics for some tips. Today, I’d like to emphasize that although online […]

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Where Do Real Estate Buyers Find Their Agent?

real estate sales

When you’re deciding how to allocate your marketing budget, spend some time considering where real estate buyers are searching for a REALTOR.  Ideally, you want to “fish where the fish are.”  Make sure you have a presence in the right places and you’ll find more, better quality leads who are ready to move! In this […]

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Why Email Marketing Works for Real Estate Agents


Finding cost-effective marketing solutions is a priority for real estate agents. And with ever-growing advertising options available, it’s tempting to throw money around and see what works. Yet this type of random marketing experiment rarely brings results. The fact is, you can save time and money by using the proven power of email marketing with […]

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