Setting More Real Estate Appointments

real estate blog Appointments with real estate leads are an important part of the life of a real estate agent. It’s the starting point for a sale. But how do you get leads to agree to meet with you? It takes strategy, perseverence, and motivation. To gain more real estate appointments, you must not fear rejection! Every “no” brings you one step closer to a “YES”.

Real estate coach and IXACT Contact partner Bruce Keith has terrific strategies for how to secure more real estate appointments, and stay positive through the process. Bruce writes:

Here are five critical insights to help you set more appointments this week:

1. Remember it is a “numbers game” – the more contacts you make, the more opportunity you will have to ask for the appointment. Up your game – 20 per day is a good minimum.

2. Keep asking the 3 motivation questions over and over… Where would you like to move to? When do you want to do that? What’s prompting your move?

3. Follow-up aggressively…3 rules: Every lead must have a mark over date, every lead must be called on that date (NO Excuses), & every daily schedule must have a 30 minute “lead follow-up” time slot to ensure no one gets missed.

4. If they’re hesitating, get them off the fence… “Mr./Mrs. Buyer/Seller… I’m curious, what specifically is preventing you from moving forward at this time?” Handle the objection and set an appointment.

5. Don’t wait for them to say yes – ask for the appointment every time – “I could see you today at 3 PM or would 5:30 PM be better?” More rejection will result in more appointments – guaranteed.

Remember, the number of contacts you make every day is important BUT much more important is meeting the challenge of SETTING AN APPOINTMENT EVERY DAY. Make setting a new appointment your principal focus and you will be very successful. NO Excuses.

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