How to Achieve Real Estate Sales Success

Real-estate-sales-successWhen you first embarked on your career in real estate, you probably knew it wasn’t like other professions. Varied hours, quirky clients and a vast depth of required knowledge are just a few of the factors that play into your daily routine.  In a career where interpersonal skills are vital and self-motivation can determine your success, how do you stay inspired and ensure you are making the most of every lead?

I’ve been researching some of the habits of highly successful Agents and I think these tips are a great start for helping you get focused, stay motivated and drive more commissions in your real estate business.  Here are some key habits for how to achieve real estate success.

Be Diligent About Returning Calls and Emails

Sure, there will be times you don’t feel like picking up the phone when you’re sitting at the dinner table but if you knew an 8k commission was riding on that call, how quickly would you return it? Successful Agents treat every call, email and text message as an important and viable lead. To succeed you need to become a master at making people feel important and listened to, and returning calls is one of the simplest ways to accomplish that. Try to adapt to the communication style that your contacts prefer. Some clients may be apt to call you and others are more inclined to text. Consider your client’s communication style and match it. Real estate success begins with communication. Tardiness returning calls is one of the fastest ways to turn a hot lead over to another real estate agent.

Choose your Technology Wisely

Whether you’re a technology maven or afraid to program a microwave, the tools that exist for real estate agents can truly simplify your workflow and help you manage your time.  While the options seem almost endless, take care to choose the technology that best suits your specific needs, including your computer, smartphone, email provider, real estate CRM, and even the GPS in your car! The goal of bringing technology into your workday is to make things easier, not more difficult.  Read reviews, ask colleagues and take advantage of free trials to make sure you’re selecting the best technology for your business. Find out which real estate CRM is best for you.

Invest in Yourself by Reading Inspirational Material

It can be a challenge to stay motivated in any career especially one like real estate that requires you to be a self-starter. There are so many terrific books available for Agents that can really change your perspective, inspire you and remind you why you love this career.  Part of being a successful real estate agent is a willingness to constantly learn and glean knowledge from the greats.  Set aside 30 minutes each morning or evening and feed your mind with inspirational material. Not sure what book to start with? Check out our list of 7 books every Agent should read.

Communicate with a Purpose

You may have been through many listings and closings before, but it’s possible that this is new territory for your client. Make a point of beginning every meeting by explaining what you’re going to cover and how the buying or selling process works. One of the factors of a satisfying transaction for your client is clear communication. It’s possible that they are anxious about this process, so take care to check in with them, explain what they can expect and be as clear as possible. Being a skilled communicator is a big part of success in real estate sales.

Leverage Your SOI

We often talk about the benefits of knowing who is in your Sphere of Influence (SOI). These are people who know you, like you, have worked with you or would like to work with you.  Smart Agents know who their SOI is. They actively keep in touch with them, and openly ask them for referrals. For successful real estate agents, an SOI is an evolving thing. Continue adding to it when you make new friends and meet new people socially.  Enlist the help of a good real estate CRM to make it as easy as possible to stay in touch with your SOI and get more business. Learn more about your real estate SOI and how to make the most of it.

Be Intentional and Write Down Your Goals

There’s a reason that so many real estate coaches encourage agents to write down their goals. It’s been found that individuals who note their goals accomplish significantly more than those who do not. Want to increase the number of transactions you complete and gain more annual commissions? It’s easier to keep your eye on the prize if you actually write those goals down. Maintain your focus and work toward tangible targets; you’ll be surprised by your success in real estate sales.

Real estate sales success is attainable through discipline, organization and continuous learning. With the help of the right tools, like a real estate CRM, positive communication habits and defined goals, you can make this your best year yet as an Agent!