The Ingredients to a Successful Real Estate “Home Expert Seminar”

Use your CRM for real estate to plan a "Home Expert Seminar"In a previous blog post, we discussed the benefits of sponsoring a Home Expert seminar and how you can organize it using your IXACT Contact CRM for real estate. Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty with some planning tips for making this kind of real estate marketing event go off without a hitch.

Before the real estate home expert seminar

Once you have chosen an appropriate Home Expert to address your real estate leads and clients, you need to select a seminar facility. Hotels, Boards of Trade, and other business centers often have rooms available for this purpose.

After you have sent out invitations to your clients and prospects, follow-up with a phone call. This will typically double attendance.

The day before the seminar, call the Home Expert. Confirm that he/she’s still coming!

Make sure she has the correct address and directions.

Day of the real estate home expert seminar

Get to the seminar location early. Make sure everything is set up correctly. Test the audio-visual equipment. If you’re using an overhead projector, be sure to have a replacement bulb handy (they often burn out).

Welcome people as they come in the door. But be careful not to get caught up in conversations. You want to be able to greet all your clients and real estate leads. If someone does attempt to monopolize your time, politely say, “May we pick this up at the break? I need to say hello to Bill.”

When the presentation ends, thank the speaker and encourage the audience to stay and ask questions. This will get people chatting and networking.

After the real estate home expert seminar

Send everyone who attended a Thank You card. Also thank the Home Expert you invited to speak. Remember, that person is also a source of referrals.

Every step described above can be planned and executed using the Keep in Touch feature built into your IXACT Contact CRM for real estate.

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Have you ever done a Home Expert Seminar? If not, do you plan on doing one in the future?

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